Urgent referral

Hi all,

Wondering if anyone has had a smear and been referred for an ultrasound and urgent smear results? Initially the nurse said results are taking 6-8 weeks. My smear was very painful, I bled and she said I'll get your results back in two weeks and would like you to see the doctor. My GP rang me that afternoon and booked me in for an ultrasound on 2nd March. My smear results should be back next week. I am worried SICK! 

I have had an awful lot of pelvic pain and spotting for the last 12 months. I put this down to the fact that I developed sepsis from an infection in my womb during labour in July 2019. I'm now worried that I have got cervical cancer and it was missed on my last few smear tests. My previous biopsies only show high grade changes in the endocervical canal and my smear test did not reflect this. Pathology decided I would go onto 12 monthly recalls and it's showed CIN1 ever since...


I can't help but worry that the CIN3 cells higher up have become invasive and are causing my symptoms. 

I am also having difficulty urinating and opening my bowels, it's a real effort to go to the toilet and has been for a few months. My urine sample was taken two months ago and was negative for infection. My bloods were also fine for my kidney function. 

Anyone else been in the same boat? 

Hi Dougal180,

I know this was posted a while ago now but just wondering how you got on? Have you had your colposcopy yet? How did it go?

I hope you've had some reassurance now.



I have similar symptoms

How are you doing now??