Awaiting follow up smear results

hi all, just popping by to see if anyone can help, i had abnormal smear back in feb, i had loop 2 weeks later and results came back cin 3, had my follow up smear on the 21st october amd still havent got my results! Im going out of my mind as this happened last time and i got a referral letter aswell as my results, just asking if anyone has waiting nearly 3 weeks for results and had good news? I dont want to go through a colposcopy again! :( 

Hi, I had my follow up smear or October 9th and have only just recieved the official results in the post yesterday. However as I was so anxious waiting I rang my GP around 10days ago and got results over the phone that were negative, so you could try them tommorow. xxx


I had my follow up smear at the colposcopy clinic early September and waited 5 weeks before I got my results. Unfortunately they were inconclusive but they do seem to be taking a lot longer at the moment.

Try ringing your GP as they may be able to give you some information.

Good Luck xx

Hi, thanks for the comments, i phoned my doctor they haven't received any results, i then phone the outpatients department where i had my smear and they have my results but the doctor hasn't opened them yet! How Infuriating! I have to wait till thursday for the doctor! Then i won't get my results probarly till next week! im so frustrated with how the deal with smear test results!! But thanks ladies for your replies