Quick colposcopy appointment

Hello I’m new here. Last week I went for a routine smear test and the nurse noticed what she thinks is ectropion cervix and arranged for the doctor to refer me for an appointment under the two week wait system. That was last Thursday.
This afternoon - 4 days later I had a call from the hospital for a colposcopy this Thursday which is 7 days since my smear test. This seems a bit quick. Should I be concerned. I am now panicking. Thank you for any help.

Hi Kim5
I dint want to read and not say anything but after researching for you here is what I have gathered about ectropion cvx “It’s fairly common in women who are in their childbearing years, and it’s usually nothing to worry about . It’s not a sign of another health problem, like cervical cancer.

About them calling you earlier for a colposcopy than expected should be a good thing for you since you don’t have to deal with the waiting game , trust me it’s much worse to wait when you think you may be having something.
All the best let me know how it goes

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Thank you Jane for your kind reply. I will of course post how it goes on Thursday. I’m just really nervous.


They have to do everyone’s app within 2 weeks, so it may be you got lucky and someone had to cancel their app due to being on their period. Or, it may just be that they have lots of appointment availability at thr moment and could get you in so quick. Either way, definitely see it as a bonus and not having to wait. My letter came through with smear results and I didn’t hear anything about colposcopy for days and days. Then the day before the two week mark I had letter through for my colposcopy the very next day.

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Thank you Lemon _Lavender.

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Hi JaneG. I said would update you about my colposcopy. I had this yesterday. The doctor said I had an ectropion but cauterised it. The one thing that concerned me most though was that she also did a punch biopsy.

Hi Kim5
Thanks for remembering to write about your colposcopy. ectropian is common if u have been on the pill for a long time or during pregnancy, so don’t be worried they just want to be sure nothing else is going on in there.
Take care and all the best with biopsy results.