Colposcopy today

Today I had a Colposcopy appointment due to my Smear results coming back with 'borderline changes' and positive for HPV last week. 

Straight away she said I have a large cervical ectropian, but that this is unrelated to the smear results, so took some biopsies also. She then applied silver nitrate to the whole area, but the way she was talking about it I believe this was more to 'treat' the ectropian rather than anything to do with abnormal cells. 

When she applied the initial solution, the whole of my cervix was patchy white (which I believe is how abnormal cells show up under the solution) - but she said she's pretty sure it's not anything 'sinister'... So I'm a bit confused as to why so much white showed up and why she took biopsies, or is that just standard procedure..? The leaflet I was given beforehand said that they won't take biopsies unless its 'unclear' just by looking with the dye... 

Also she said around 4 weeks for the biopsy results, but does it really take that long...?! 

I know it's going to be a long and nervous wait, but I'm also anxious that they'll end up saying it's fine - no further treatment needed and that I can go back to normal 3-yearly smears.. With borderline changes and a positive HPV result I would be nervous about leaving it that long for another smear :-(

Hi, I think there's some more information on the NHS website about what they look for when they put the dye on. I think they look at how quickly it changes as well as the texture...I think! 

So, was the biopsy for the cervical ectropian?

Hope you're feeling ok :)

Sorry, I didn’t see this reply! She said that the ectropian is not related to the abnormal cells, that’s just an ‘incidental finding’ - but may explain other symptoms I’ve been having such as pain during intercourse and spotting between periods. 

I‘ve received my results letter this morning and the biopsies show CIN 3. I have to go back next week for LLETZ treatment :-(