Colposcopy ref

I had a pelvic examination and they said there is redness on the left side of my cervix. I have been referred for another Colposcopy.
I’ve been to the Colposcopy today and they were brilliant but they think it’s cervical ectropion and gave me a leaflet.
They have taken a biopsy and I have to say I’ve never been so scared in my life.
I’ve never missed a smear I had slight changes first smear, abnormal second time and then a colposcopy 2019.
Anyone else had something similar, I honestly don’t know how to cope the next 6 weeks :pensive:

Hopefully you won’t gave to wait 6 weeks. I had biopsy done and I had my result in less than 3 weeks and all came back normal

Thank you so much and glad everything was ok :heart: They said they haven’t done it as urgent which is positive but still 6 week’s, hopefully less time :raised_hands:t3:

Did you have a biopsy because of the cervical ectropian? :heart: