Urgent GP referral to colposcopy - very worried

Hello everyone, new to this site so not sure if I’m posting in the right place, just need some advice!

I’m twenty, I went to the GP last week with bleeding between periods and pain during intercourse. I’ve also got strong family history on both parental sides of CC, which I know they say is not hereditary but it has caused me to be anxious regarding it.

The GP did an examination and took general infection swabs and found that my cervix looked abnormal with what she suspects is a large ectropion. She decided to put in an urgent 2 week referral. The swabs came back clear except for thrush which she has said will be unrelated.

I am now very worried as the urgent 2 week referral has scared me a little.

All this terminology is new to me and I have a few questions that I would be really great full if someone had any answers.

Firstly I am confused why she didn’t do a smear test, just did a straight referral?

The swabs that came back clear, does anyone know if they would have been testing for HPV and if so does the negative result put me in the clear of CC?

I am also concerned as to why she did an urgent referral if she suspects it’s only an ectropion?

I’ve also got my app through and it’s not for another 2 1/2 weeks, which will be 3 1/2 weeks since I saw the GP! Is this breaking the 2 week rule or is that just an estimate?

Thank you in advance for any advice and sorry for the bombardment of questions, I’m just really anxious regarding the issue after seeing so many of my family suffer.


Hi. The reason she didn't do a smear is that the lab would just reject it straight away due to your age...the only other choice is colposcopy, and most colonoscopy appointments are within a few weeks of referral. Panic doesn't alter results, so try not to! Easier said than done xxx

Hi there. Yes based on your age you do not qualify for a smear. Colposcopy is much more thorough though and they will look at the abnormal area and possibly take a biopsy, they may do treatment there and then for the ectropian or will wait for results and call you back in. Ectropians are very common, some girls don't know that they have them as they don't always bleed, but upon examination it's more likely to be an ectropian than CC. Have you had children or do you take the contraceptive pill? As these can impact your cervix and cause the cervix to erode over time. The swabs for infection wouldn't detect any abnormal cells, it would look for STI's and bacterial infections. You are also very young to be worried about CC. I wasn't referred urgently through the 2 week system, although my ectropian was quite small. Please try not to worry or google too much, it made me and my symptoms a whole lot worse. Wishing you all the best x