Colposcopy and terrified

Hi everyone

I’m new here and have seen how positive this community is that I feel comfortable enough to unload everything I’m currently feeling.

I went to my gp in May after experiencing a number of symptoms that resembled endometriosis, one being post-coital bleeding - and here I am now on the 2ww referral and I’m terrified. I had a hospital appointment yesterday and they’ve now suggested a colposcopy for an ‘angry looking ectropion’. The word angry has completely thrown me and I’m now sitting here almost planning my funeral. What made it worse was the doctors whispering to each other while I was changing and I’m now just struggling to think of anything but the worst. I’ve always had clear smears, the last one in Dec 21 where they first noticed the ectropion, and also had the HPV vaccine as a teenager but I know this isn’t foolproof.

I don’t really know what I want from this post, I just needed to let this out, my mental health is in bits.


I’m so sorry you’re feeling so scared and I know how daunting all of this can be. The first thing to know is that it could definitely be ‘just’ an ectropion, which can be treated fairly easily. I know it won’t necessarily, help but it’s statistically unlikely to be anything as bad as you’re fearing. They really can cause pretty bad bleeding without it being anything life threatening. As I’m sure you know, HPV really is the cause of most of the worst case scenario - you’re in a good place having had the vaccine. How long do you have to wait for your Colposcopy?x

Colposcopy just means they’ll take a closer look at your cervix using a microscope. It doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll do any biopsies or treatment.

Thanks for the reply, it’s booked for the 19th so not too much longer to wait. Im definitely trying hard to not think about it - the sun is certainly helping!