Question about recent biopsy results

Hi Ladies

This is my first post however I've been registered on here since May 2012. I've had some trouble logging in! I've been having a look through the forum for the last couple of weeks and I'm amazed with how much support there is, it's fantastic.

I wondered if anybody could give me advice on my recent biopsy results. To give you a bit of background I had my first smear test (at age 25) in May 2012. My result was borderline with evidence of HPV (I believe this is tested in my local area) so I was sent for colposcopy roughly 2 weeks later. The result came back in June 2012 and I received a letter to advise there was no abnormality whatsoever and to have a follow up smear test in 6 months time.

I went for my follow up smear test on 10th December and received a call from my GP exactly a week later with the news that I was being 'fastracked' through for another colposcopy. I was then at the hospital for my colp 3 days later! The doctor said she could not see any evidence of CC but maybe severe changes and proceeded to take 2 punch biopsies and biopsies from further up (I believe this is called an endocervical biopsy?) as my smear test had indicated changes in these cells. She told me I would receive my results within a week - which I thought was very quick!

As no results had arrived, I called the hospital today and was advised my results are back and a letter is on it's way. The person who answered the phone (unsure if she was a nurse or receptionist) advised she had been chasing my results as she knew I was anxious but everything appears to be ok. She went on to tell me the endocervical biopsy came back as hormone related changes and the punch biopsies came back as inflammation. She was unsure if the doctor wanted to see me again as she isn't back in work until Thursday this week.

It sounds like I should be pleased with the result, but I'm unsure what needs to happen next and just wondered if anybody has had a similar experience? wondering if my contraceptive pill could cause these hormone related changes?

Apologies for the long post! Thanks in advance for any replies :)

Sarah x

Hi Sarah,

I don't have any advice but I just wanted to day good luck! That all sounds a bit confusing for you! I hope you get some answers soon (Thursday is only a day away now, maybe call again tomorrow about 2ish if you've not heard anything yet?) if you do manage to speak to the doctor you could ask about the pill, or you could use the ask the expert on here? That might give you some piece of mind quicker :) either way it does sound like good news (I think) although you could do with some definite answers to keep you sane :) x x x x

Thanks Becky! I’ve decided to wait for my letter through the post, the doctor is back today by the sounds of it so presume it won’t take long now. Thanks for recommending the expert on here though, as I said i’m fairly new to using the site so wasn’t aware of that. I’ll keep it in mind.

I think the waiting part is the worst isn’t it, but there’s so much support on here :slight_smile: I’ve been reading online in the meantime (bad I know!!) and when inflammation is mentioned, it could be due to an infection so maybe my doctor will go down that avenue. Unsure about hormonal changes but I’m sure she’ll explain it to me.


hi sarah. I have to say it is a very anxious time for  you. I to had a colposcopy 4 weeks having had multiple punch biopsies done I have to wait for my results. the down side fore is the results are back but no body will give me my results, my gp is also chasing upy results and he is having no luck at all. when I had the biopsies done my colposcopist said it was high grade and hpv. so whilst im sitting here becoming a complete wreck my results are about but having no luck in getting them.  xxx