New here...biopsy results??

Hi everyone :) I'm new to this.

I'm 25 years old and had my first smear test in January this year.

I have been having unusual vaginal bleeding for about 6 months now along with pelvic pain.

My results came back with high grade dyskaryosis.

I went for a colposcopy a week ago where they did loop excision treatment and took a biopsy from my cervix. 

Apparently results come back in a couple of weeks but I was wondering how long people waited for theirs and also would they give you bad news in a letter or call you instead?


Please try not to panic, I know it is soo hard I am going to tell you my story to try and put your mind at ease abit because if your anything like I was ( a mess not knowing,  not sleeping at night & checking the post everyday for results was religious).

I am 24 went for my first ever smear at beginning of Jan this year I was worried prior to this because I use to get alot pain/ blood after sex and bleed inbertween  periods.

Got my results back through the post, Hpv found high grade severe dyskaryosis 

(at this point I was hysterical thinking the worst I have cancer I have 2 kids what am I going to do if anything happens to me etc etc..)

Anyway I got referred to colposcopy on the 28th Jan To remove all pre- cancerous cells from my cervix

Had lltez treatment and biopsy taken they said they would write to me in 3 weeks with results

2 weeks later got nasty infection back to the doctors to get treatment, they were very reassuring saying that they were only removing pre cancerous cells and that cancer can take  a long time to form ( but then again I was thinking hang on this is my first smear how long have I had this?!)

I have been chasing up with doctors my results every couple of days for results but last Wednesday 26th Feb the doctor that had been dealing with me called me to say that the results were back they had done the treatment needed and that it was definitely not cancerous and all I have to do now is go for follow up in 6 months.

And you know what I'm still waiting for the letter to come to myself at home from hospital and it's coming up to 5 weeks now.

Hope this helps you a little bit I wish you all the best, please remember not to Google into it too much like I did gets you worried sick, just stick to this sight it's fantastic x





Thanks so much for your reply :)

Your story sounds pretty much the same as mine so far!

I feel reassured helps just talking to someone who has been through it.

I had the exact same thought "it takes years to develop...but this is my first smear it could have been here a while"

I do think they should lower the age it's ridiculous. 

Thanks again :)

Hope your next smear goea well good luck :)

I don't believe that the age for screening should be lowered, but they should definitely allow early screening when symptoms are present.

Be lucky