Query on results?!

Hi All,

I had my loop therapy a few weeks back now, today I received my results letter and thank goodness there’s no cancer but they also say there’s no CIN… Maybe I’m reading it wrong but I’m confused. Particularly where the doctor states that further levels are awaited. Has anyone else had this, what does it mean?

(Wording from letter)
“I have now received the histology report on the unhealthy skin removed from your cervix. You will be pleased to hear that it showed no sign of cancer and also did not show any cervical intra-epithelial neoplasia or CIN, but only pick up HPV. Reassuringly all the cells were taken away with clear margins….

…Further levels are awaited in view of previous biopsy that showed CIN3 with crypts involvement. I await for the next report and if required I shall discuss your case in MDT meeting for clarification.”