results...explain plz!!!

i just rang docs for my results they said that i will get a letter by friday but (she read the letter too me)


results from the tissue removed from your cervix have been graded cin3 we will need you to have a smear re done in 6 minths time 

now does that mean the loop procedure and the part he took away has cleared this up. whats cin3is that the step before cancer????

Hi Stace - CIN3 is PRE-cancerous cells, meaning if left alone, they could have turned into cancer in years to come. They removed these during the loop and if they're leaving you 6 months before checking again, it would mean they had clear margins, that all of the outside cells are normal and therefore they removed all of the abnormal cells.

I'm sure your letter will clarify that the margins are clear, which is a good thing! Very happy for you xxx

whats difference between the differents cins 

Hi, this is from the NHS website and should help...

CIN 1 cells indicate that up to a third of cells in the affected area of your cervix are abnormal. Your specialist will advise about the best course of treatment. Treatment is not always recommended for CIN 1 because the cells return to normal without treatment in about 60% of cases.

CIN 2 cells indicate that up to two thirds of cells in the affected area of your cervix are abnormal. If you have CIN 2 cells, you will usually need to have these removed.

CIN 3 or CGIN cells indicate that all of the cells in the affected area of your cervix are abnormal. If this is the case, these cells will need to be removed.

I also had CIN3 removed by lletz over 5 weeks ago, it didn't actually state there were clear margins but I'm assuming they have removed them all otherwise the would have called me back in??

As has already been mention CIN is not cancer but precancerous cells which would be likely to turn cancerous if left alone. I hope you are not suffering too much x