Newly diagnosed


I have been diagnosed with Cervical Cancer within the past week.

I am nervously waiting for the second results from a loop. 

In the meantime i have received a letter which has caused my further concern. The diagnosis states at least stage 1A1 and CIN3 incompletely exercise on loop bioposy.

Does this often mean that they are expecting more cancerous cells to be identified? 

At the consultant i was infomred that there was no clear margin and this is the reason they undertook a second loop biopsy. I am waiting for the results. I contacted the hospital and my results were not returned in time for this weeks MDT. I am having to ring on tuesday to find out if i made next weeks. The wait is horrific and i have an exam coming up in two weeks time and trying to stay focused is hard.

I was also wondering if anyone knew what type 1 transformation zone means?

I have tried to contact my key worker but this didnt help the confusion as they seemed to be in a rush when i called.

Thank you in advance for your help :)



Hi. Firstly I'm really sorry about your diagnosis, I remember you from the colposcopy board when you where waiting to be seen. So is the letter you received the results from the first loop? It's worded the same as my results apart from 1a1 it was CGIN. But it basically means that the sample they took after doing the loop was taken for biopsy and was found to still have 1a1  and CIN cells present. I would presume that you need more treatment if the 2nd loop results come back the same. However, the 2nd loop may have got it all. I'm sure there are some positive stories on here where that has happened. Hugs.


Thank you very much for your reply and sorry for the delay in replying

I have had positive news that they have removed the cancer and CIN3 cells. Waiting for the new is torture i think i must have drove the staff mad ringing to chase the result. 

I am waiting to find out the next step. I have just been informed that i will be discussed at the MDT meeting on Thursday.

Hope you are well :)



That's great news!!!