Q re after lletz

Hiya, I had my lletz treatment on 1st march. It was horrible and I’m feeling a bit down about it as I didn’t expect it to be as bad as it was.

Sorry if this is tmi but for the last day or so I’ve had a very sore bum. It looks chapped. I’m wondering if its what I’m leaking from the treatment reacting with me? Has anyone else suffered this after lletz?

Louise x

Hi there,

I'm sorry you've had to go through a LLETZ treatment and that you're feeling down. I do feel for you because I also found it pretty horrific when I had it done. it's all a huge shock isn't it? 

I'm sorry you've got a sore bum. I've had vaginal infections following procedures but not experienced. They use acetic acid (which is basically a medical grade vinegar) so I guess it's possible if it that leaked out it could soreness, although I'm no doctor. How would would you feel about going to see your GP and getting them to take a look? They might be able to recommend a cream or something to help you? That's probably what I'd do.

I hope you feel better soon, and it may be that someone will come along who has also experienced this. Take care x

Hi, thanks for explaining what they use. I think that is probably causing it. I put some sudocream on it last night and it feels a lot better this morning!
Yes the lletz was pretty awful, not as I expected. I think the leaflet they send with your appointment could tell you more x

Hi louise,

I had lletz back in January and had sore bum after wards. It comes and goes. Feels like chapped skin. I dont know what it is but it was horrible. I figured it may of been from wearign pads for near enough 4 weeks.

I used bepanthen or sudocrem or vaseline and it seemed to go away on its own after a while!