Infection after lletz

Hi ladies this is my first post so please bare with me :)

I'm 25 and had lletz treatment saturday. I wasn't discharged until 4:30 pm. Found it very difficult to come around from recovery, but I'd had lots of anti sickness tablets and things with the anaesthetic. Along ibuprofen and paracetamol. When I've eventually come around I was in a lot of pain, found it hard to sit comfy etc. they gave me tramadol, and discharged me. I had cin3 removed, and get my results soon. I Have had so much pain in my tummy, back, down my thighs and in my bum cheeks. I've not been sleeping at night through pain, and can't sit comfortable. I spoke to the hospital who told me to call my gp today. They've prescribed me tramadol and santon optics as they think I have an infection. I've had lots of discharge and I'm bleeding quite a bit. Has anyone else experienced this after lletz? I'm just so uncomfortable and in quite a lot of pain. 

No body seems to understand. My partner keeps shouting cos I want to cuddle my little girl (who's 2 and wants her mummy). And my sister in law asking what they did to hurt me so much, as she was fine 10 years ago. Then asked us to have her 10 year old to stay ours for the weekend, whos bought her friend along too! I feel like everyone thinks I'm playing on it

Sorry for moaning and tmi. But id really appreciate any advice or support xx

Hi SadieF

Just wondering how you are feeling? Everyone is different after treatment and everyone heals differently. How are you feeling now? Did you manaage to see your doctor?

I know atfer my LLETZ i was in a lot of discomfort and had a lot of bleeding, my doctor assured me this is quite normal however to look out for excessive bleeding (having to change pads every hour etc) and smelly discharge.

Hope you are ok

K x