Bruises...too much info

Hi Ladies,

Really sorry this might be too much information for some people but i'm not really sure where else to go.

I had my Lletz under GA on Monday and since i've been having a lot of watery bleeding and twinges.

Today I noticed my bum cheek was a little sore when I was led down and i've just looked and found a big sore on my bum cheek. Its very red and looks bruised around the outside. 

Does anyone know if this could be due to the procedure or maybe due to wearing pads and it rubbing?

Sorry if this makes anyone feel uncomfortable xx

Hello Fiona, I've not had   Lletz but I didn't want to just read & run.  Nothing is too much information on this website and it won't make any of us uncomfortable - we are all ladies going through similar things and can all share the details without risk of embarrassment - we're all here for each other, to  share our experiences & hopefully support each other  on our  journeys. We've heard it all on here!!  

My guess is that it is just bruising from when they carried out the procedure - but that's just a guess as I've not had this procedure myself but it seems most likely.  The watery discharge too seems normal to me after a procedure like this.  Hopefully someone who's had Lletz will come on here & give you their reply & share their experience with you., to put your mind at rest.



Hi Sharon,

Thank you for replying.

I think your right and that the bruising is probably from the procedure and I think maybe the sore spots are from wearing pads as they aren't the most comfortable of things.

I've read another post about the watery discharge so at least I know i'm not alone.

Thank you again x

Hi Fiona, I had Lletz a few months ago. I also found the watery discharge gave me sores on my bum :/ lovely stuff! I found it was worst when I had spent time lying on my back, so I tried to sleep on my front instead which helped them go down. I guess sudocrem would be a good thing to try if you need something to sooth them. I didn't have any bruising but I did have my lletz under LA rather than GA so I don't know if that could be a factor?!

Hope this helps knowing you're not the only one!