Procedure advice

Hi there, my wife has been asked to attend an appointment for abnormal cells and on the letter it says she needs to bring someone with her because she may have to have the LLETZ procedure. We have a young daughter and no family to help look after her. We have tried calling the hospital but can’t get any answer. Basically we are trying to understand if someone has to be with her the whole time or they just want to make sure someone is there to collect her afterwards. If this is the case I can take her, be with our daughter and then go and collect her. Can anyone advise?

I had a lletz procedure and i didnt have anyone with me during the procedure so i would say that just dropping her off and picking her up would be fine :blush:

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Hi ,
I’ve just had this procedure. My partner dropped me off and collected me . Tbh parking is a nightmare so easiest way . I did feel a little light headed but after 15 minutes walking to the car I was fine and collected my car from work and drove home .
I saw others with partners but none went in with them , even if they said they wanted to as you were taken through separately. Mind you doctor was running late with his appointments.