Hospital Appointment Booked

Hi all, wondering if anyone can help me or put my mind at ease. I was diagnosed with HPV & abnormal cells, I had a colposcopy and a biopsy and I’ve not received a phone call or a letter yet but I’ve received a text message to say I’ve got a hospital appointment in two days.

I’m really worried this is to tell me face to face I have cancer? Or is this just to discuss treatment? The fact it’s in 2 days makes me worry.


Hi Holly,

Sorry you’re having to go through this.

It may be that the biopsy confirmed there are abnormal cells and so they want yo do a LLETZ to ensure all abnormal cells are removed.

I think the majority of people who have a biopsy on this forum, go on to have a LLETZ afterwards. That is not to say that the majority of people eho have a biopsy, have a LLETZ too. I think it’s just more swayed towards that with the group of people that seek support from this forum.

Sending you lots of good luck. Please let us know how you get on lovely.

Thank you :slight_smile: but that’s painful isn’t it? My colposcopy and biopsy was painful. They told me at my colposcopy that I would most likely need an operation under general anaesthetic because it covers my whole cervix not just one area (which I’d prefer tbh) because I found it very painful last time. Thank you x

Hey, i had the same text message, it turned out my results letter was posted to the hospital instead of to me, i called the number and got my results on the phone and the appointment was to have Lletz treatment, this was a month ago and i’m now nearly healed from Lletz.

response to your reply that’s disappeared, i hope you are okay

I found the biopsy really painful and i had a panic attack , but the Lletz wasn’t as painful, i felt the local anesthesia needle but after that i had no pain i could just feel movement. I know i felt the same i found it annoying that they didn’t explain i was going to have treatment in the letter for the appointment and just expected me to be okay with it once i got there but i called them and found out before hand which made me feel more comfortable with it. They don’t provide much information along the way.

Sorry I don’t know how it deleted. I just said how I found it really painful and I’d want general anaesthetic, don’t think it’s ok they just expect you to go and have a procedure without telling you. Don’t really feel comfortable with it tbh

Same i don’t think its right either, they need to give more information beforehand so we can be prepared and do our research first, you should be okay to request it under general i hope everything goes okay for you :crossed_fingers:

Thanks so much :slight_smile: I’ve spoken with them and rearranged it to be under general anaesthetic thank god x

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Your Welcome :slight_smile: I’m pleased you got it all sorted its a little more bearable when you are prepared

Hi how long did you wait after lletz biopsy till you got this text? My lletz appointment was 3 weeks today… I’m a worrier that sets me to over think

It wasn’t a LLETZ biopsy, it was a colposcopy biopsy. My LLETZ is Monday now but I’d say it was all around 4 weeks but my GP found out a lot sooner