Do I speak to Family

Hi all
I am a newbie first time post.
I had a call last Thursday to say my smear had come back with positive HPV and moderate dyskaryosis present. Therefore needed an urgent colposcopy Monday morning.

I had this yesterday , where they did the LLETZ procedure removing the affected cells.

I have other appointments this week for other things. My partner knows about the procedure and some work colleagues. However my grown up children are asking questions .
I really don’t know how to speak to them about what the appointment was for . We are a close knit family.

I don’t really know wether I should tell them or not . Any advice would be grateful.

There Dad past away in 2018 and they felt that they had not been included from the start .

Any advice as my head is all over the place I. Sure it’s nothing to worry about .
But if I don’t mention something I think it will have a bigger impact.
Please help as don’t know what to do.

Hello, I told my children that I was going for a small local surgery that will help take away some cells that don’t look right so I can be safe :blush:. I preferred explaining than not saying anything.

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