previous CIN3 and now yrs on a polyp

I tried searching for posts that had Polyps in the tittle, and in all honestly all I did was scare myself even more. Not sure what I'm posting for other than to find a little advice or see if anyone has been in the same situation? I had my child when I was 19, before I had even had a smear. (apparently this makes me higher risk?) Then when I was 25 I had my first smear, It came back positive for HPV and after the colposcopy I found out it was CIN3. I had the LEEP or Loop procedure (i can't even remember, It feels a lifetime ago) did the follow up, was given the all clear and sent on my way Fast forward to Christmas when I was told my smear was due, they had send the letter to my old address so I had no clue about it till then. Thinking about it now, I'm not sure how its gotten to this point without me being told something was wrong. I'd been seeing a nurse at a separate clinic to look into symptoms that had been concerning me for about a year, pain during sex, bleeding after sex, reoccurring Bv issues, back pain (which i assumed was from leaning over a desk) but was just told this was common and nothing to worry about. So when my smear came around this week I was kinda expecting it to be ok-ish But its not and I'm going thru it all over again. Straight away my nurse said she had seen something, most probably a polyp but she needed to refer me straight away because of my symptoms and the size of it. Said it was probably what was causing the bleeding and pain so at least thats something. But now Im consumed with this dread that its going to be bad. And from my symptoms and what I've read I'm kind of expecting it I just wanted to know if anyone else had had the same experience? Having a clear period and then having to go back again? Am I over reacting? Is it possible that It could be nothing even with everything pointing at it not being? I know none wants to give bad news, but I feel like I need an honest answer. ouch. this turned into a very long post. Sorry. but any advice at all would be amazing.

hi flo, im not in the same position as you but i just wanted to reassure you that your symptoms are also classic signs of infection. also when ur on here searching for something .. chances are its going to be mostly bad stuff you encounter because nobody really posts when they get good results. please try not stress yourself out. how long ago was your last smear .. just over a year ago? a polyp can be quite a common finding. i know what its like worrying and then googling but most stuff you will find when searching the net is going to be the bad cases and not the majority that have ended up being fine x 

thanks for the reassurance :) 

my last proper smear was about 3 years ago. After I had the cells removed last time they said I'd be fine going back to the standard smear schedule. 

Its just frustrating to have to go thru it all again. Especially when I feel so rough anyway. 

Im hoping the back and stomach and shooting pains are all unreleated and its just a unfortunte coincident that this is all comin up at the same time. 

Hi Flo, 

I'm in exactly the same position. CIN 3 and LLETZ treatment 2 years. Clear margins on follow up smear, and had sysmptoms recently so went to the doctor this morning. What she saw concerned her so referred me to hospital. She also mentioned a Polyp.

Also very worried! Big hugs and keep me updated xx