Pressure in lower abdomen,please help : (


So I am 3 weeks post op after laproscopic hysterectomy.

I am experiencing strange pressure/ fullness in vaginal and rectal area. 

I am urinating and defecating ok . It's such a strange feeling .


Also my right leg does not feel right . I am mobile but lifting leg when I am sitting down is difficult. However when I am standing I can lift it .


Also have a yellowish discharge , does not smell , no temp , no stinging on urinating 

Has anyone experienced??

Hi I am 3 weeks 3 days post laparoscopy surgery. I developed a lemon yellow discharge with no odour too. I was told it was just the healing of the body. I had been on antibiotics (2 lots) and wondered if it was thrush. I had lymph nodes removed and have a numb right thigh area which is making my leg feel weird. Stay strong 

Hi Kat123, A lot of women after a hysterectomy report simliar feelings and the discharge is normal. The ‘fullness’ in your vagina might be down to the ‘cuff’ healing. The pain in your leg might be due to the way your body was positioned on the operating table, as you’re resting on a hard surface and perhaps positioned at a slight angle (my pre-op information noted this may cause physical discomfort afterwards). 

Just remember, inside your pelvis has been knocked about a bit during the op, so expect pain and discomfort whilst you heal. The discharge is down to the vaginal cuff stitches dissolving, allowing any remaining blood from the op to discharge. It should be no more than a pale pink or pale red colour. If it‘s bright red (as this suggests fresh bleeding) and/or having to change 1 normal pad every hour, then you’ll need to contact the hospital or go straight to A and E.

There‘s a good website that can give you advice and information: hystersisters, which I found very helpful.

I too had these same sensations following my lap hyst I spoke to my specialist nurse and she said the same as previous ladies. It is still early days and your body is going through so much take care x