Discharge 8 wks after op

Hi all

worlds biggest worrier here!

I had a radical hysterectomy 8 wks ago and I am still having discharge, TMI sometimes clear & sometimes tinged with yellow but no odor! I have read that by 6 wks normally everything is back to normal, I wondered if anyone else has experienced similar x

Many Thanks :-) 

Hi Else74,

Just seen that you hadn't had any replies,so although I can't give you

any advice about your problem, I didn't want you to feel ignored.

6wks recovery is a guide time for women who have a hysterectomy

not a radical hysterectomy.That's a much longer recovery so try not

to put your recovery into wks.It's such a personal thing.

I would call your CNS if you are worried about the discharge.

Hopefully somebody else will be along soon to give you some advice.


Becky x

Thanks Becky

I was beginning to think I had posted in the wrong section :-)

Yes, I will give it another week or so see if things settle. 

I suppose another factor is every body is different too!

Thanks :-)

Hi Else74...did you have lymph nodes removed?  I had a trachelectomy (removal of the cervix) and had the discharge for about 3 weeks after the op, it was clear, no odour, sometimes yellow - exactly what you are describing... it was lymph fluid.  My body took a while to work out what to do with the excess fluid and lack of available nodes to transport it!  Some days it was like I'd wet myself!  Def see your susurgeon if you are worried though.  Good luck xxxx


I had the same for 2-3 weeks after my operation.  It would be dry for a while then suddenly gush out especially when I moved - initially I was worried I had become incontinent!  I wore Tena pads for several weeks just in case but it did settle down.

Neither my surgeon or gynae-oncology nurse mentioned it, I called the ward a few days after I was discharged.  They explained it was lymph fluid due to the lymph nodes having been removed and it would take a little while for the lymph fluid to find another route.

It should be okay but since it's been 8 weeks it might be worth mentioning to your surgeon/consultant.

Hope it clears up soon.

Take care

Kirsty x





Yes, I have had Lymph nodes removed so maybe it is lymph fluid as you have both mentioned! Thanks for reply both x :-)