pregnant and have cin1

Was just wondering if anyone is or has been in a similar situation.II am 8 weeks pregnant and have a colposcopy appointment next week as I have them every 6 months as my result always comes back as mild inflammation (cin1) apart from 2 years ago when my result was normal. At my last appointment asked if it was ok to get pregnant as want another child as already have a 8 year old and was told to wait for my results and if it was the same as normal then it was ok to go ahead.Now that im pregnant I want to be happy and excited about it but feel so worried incase it gets worse while pregnant. I knew that a part of me would still worry even though I was told it was ok

I have a 7 month baby and went for my 1st smear at 26 four month after he was born. I was told i had a rae form of cc as well as two other common types, and that i def i had it when i was pregnan. My first thought was if my baby could have cought any cancer cells from me but that it was a def no. So just think that even if anything turns out to be bad your baby will be fine