CIN 3 and pregnant

Hi, im wondering if anyonr else has been in my situation and can give me advice. Ive been having colposcopys for a couple of years now every 6 months at the hospital.  Last year I got my results through and was told I had CIN 1, then about 5 months after I hadnt heard of my appointment which I normally had by now, so I went to see my doctor which discussed my results with me and said I did have CIN 1 but not to worry that I hadnt had my next appointment through as in that such short space of time (6 months) it will not progress that quick. I then got my next appointment through and went and had my colposcopy done I think in april this year (2014). While waiting for my results I then found out I was pregnant which was a shock but a happy shock which made me totally forget about my results coming through. I then got a letter through with my results on saying I had CIN 3 and that I needed treatment! I was gutted but still not quite sure what it means. I rang my consultant which told me they cant do any treatment and will cancel my appointment and rebook it for october as then I will be roughly 20 weeks so they can check my cervix and see what stage it is at. The other day I went to see my midwife and I mentioned it to her, now shes referred me to another department in the hospital to discuss this and then they can keep an eye on me. Im so confused, is this a really bad thing or am I worrying for nothing? Has anyone else been in this situation?  Will it progress to cancer or is CIN 3 not really that bad? My babies due on the 3rd of march 2015 so I still have a long way to go and worry, please help. Thanks in advance x

Glad to hear you are growing by one!! I'm in a similar position but w/o baby on board. I have CIN 3 and I'm debating whether or not to get pregnant and the. Proceed with treatment or take a change and treat and deal with pregnancy struggles in the future. It might have gone from CIN 1 to 3 because you are pregnant. You have hormones such as HCG which is the human growth hormone and that cause for cells to grow faster. I don't know if it's a real big risk but I would just ask your Gyno. Hope everything turn out alright and congrats!! 

Hiya! I'm in the same position as you at the moment albeit a little further along now!


I had my repeat smear in July at around 14 weeks pregnant after cin/hpv being diagnosed a year before. I discussed ttc with gyne and gp and was given the go ahead as was highly likely to go away on it's own! No a week later my letter dropped through as high grade and I had a bit of a meltdown - do not google seriously do not google lol.

I went for my colposcopy a week later and promptly burst into tears at the mention of my name. 

My gyne congratulated me on my pregnancy and calmly explained that all this meant was extra monitoring and treatment next year and I was instructed to - in her words - enjoy my pregnancy and leave my cervix to her! She told me pregnancy does not cause progression.

The colpo matched up with my smear results so a biopsy wasn't even mentioned she simply took a picture,  (whilst one nurse admired my nail polish and another told me her grandchildrens names for perhaps inspiration). 

I got dressed and she told me she'd do the same at 30 weeks and instructed me not to worry and wished me well for my second trimester. 


I'm now 23 weeks -today- and have done just that! I will have another colpo at around 7 weeks and then treatment next year. 

I got myself into such a state before seeing her - lots of tears, terrifying googling, worried myself sick but have made a huge effort to enjoy my pregnancy knowing I'm being carefully monitored and will be taken care of promptly next year which has helped! I can imagine they will do the same in your situation :) 

Hope that's helped a little anyway!


Oh and most importantly congratulations on your spring baby :) x

Thank you so much, you have put my mind at ease I was just really worried and couldnt enjoy any of the pregnancy with worry but im going to take your advice and enjoy it. Oh and congratulations too :) x


I had CIN3 3 years ago and have had clear results since... My follow up smear test was due in April but I am currentley 31 weeks pregnant so they wont do it and said it is safe to leave it until 3 months after the baby has been born. I am worried that the abnormal cells will come back whislt I have been pregnant and that they will progress into cancer before they can be treated! I have health anxiety so probably worring over nothing. My doctor and consultant have both said it is safe to leave especially the fact that I have had 3 normal results since having treatment.

Hi, I received the results of a routine smear test exactly an hour after I found out I was pregnant in October 2012. All previous smears had been normal, however the results of this one showed borderline changes and evidence of hpv.  I was referred for a colposcopy, which I had at 9 weeks pregnant. However, they were unable to do a biopsy with me being pregnant and they assured me it would be perfectly ok to monitor me throughout my pregnancy then deal with the problem once I had given birth. I was placed under consultant care rather than solely midwife, just as a precaution. I had another colposcopy at about 20 weeks, jyst to keep an eyes on things, and I was given another appointment for another colposcopy after my due date. I had a fairly easy pregnancy and normal birth and  about 7 weeks after giving birth I had my 3rd colposcopy, biopsy and another smear test (all at the same time). These results showed severe abnormalities so they were worse than my original smear but based on a biopsy which is more detailed. 9 weeks after birth I had lletz treatment, which confirmed cin 2 and 3 and I was given all clear. My 6 konth follow up smear in may this year was also normal with no hpv. I totally understand how worried you must fee, as if pregnancy isnt worrying enough! I felt as though I couldn't enjoy the whole thing because I had sll this on my mind. Im sure things will be ok, its a long time to worry I know but its good that you're in the system and being looked after, they'll keep a close eye on you and your baby x

I'm in the same situation as the OP.  I go in for a colp later today.  Your reply helped me allot!  Thank you!

Hi I was just reading your reply- and the timeline, so you had cancerous cells one year from them finding high level dyskaryosi? I had my letter today that I have high levels and I'm ovulation tomorrow and don't know whether to take the risk?

Hi Clare

i wondered how you got on following this post? I am going through exactly the same thing with the same timeline/dates and wondered what your outcome was? hope all went well.