CIN 3 (pregnancy mentioned)

Hi, I'm new here. I just had my biopsy results letter yesterday, and apparently it is CIN 3. It says in the letter that I can't be pregnant at the time of treatment (which I'll apparently get a letter about soon, I don't know yet what treatment they want me to have) and I am 8 weeks pregnant. I conceived after my colposcopy because the doctor said it would be ok because my cervix looked good and to expect CIN 1 at worst, she was very confident. 

From what I've read online it seems I'll likely have another colposcopy later in the pregnancy and delay treatment until after the birth. 

What I'm concerned about is whether it could be worse than CIN 3 - they only did the most basic biopsy, like a pin prick or something? Hopefully that makes sense. So could there be cancer behind that? Is this something I won't find out until next year? I'm not clear on what testing can be done during pregnancy. 

I'm just stressing and assuming the worst, I had an early ultrasound on Friday due to my history of molar pregnancy and it can't be ruled out yet so there's an irrational part of my brain making me feel like tumours are out to get me or something lol. I know it's silly. I'm so unwell with this pregnancy that it's impossible to do anything to take my mind off any of this and I don't really have anyone to talk to.  

Sorry for the essay! >_<