CIN3 more questions needing answered!!!

Hi both 2011 & 2012 I had smear tests done that were needing repeats but couldn't as I fell pregnant both times! Then in Jan of this year had a smear which came back with abnormalities & colostomy needed. In February I had a colposcopy, but was early stages of pregnancy at the time so no biopsy was taken. before I went in the consultant said I was CIN3, explained what that was, then went on to say she was "looking for cancer" which scared the hell out of me!! After the examination all I was told is that I would be offered another colposcopy at 26 weeks pregnant and treatment 3 months after the baby has arrived.

It's been on my mind ever since as I feel so in the dark about all this, Iv read a few things & as the repeat colposcopy is only 2 weeks away am wondering what questions I need to be asking?? Have read about HPV but havent been told if I have this or not, also need to be asking about what treatment il be having as Iv not been getting soo anxious now :( 

Any help or advice on what I need to be asking would be great thanks ladies :)


Hi there CIN is devided into grades with CIN1 is mild changes CIN is moderate and CIN3 is severe changes. CIN3 is not cancer but it is important to treat the changes as soon as possible to prevent the abnormal cells changing into cancer. Cervical cancer does take along time to develop. If at the colposcopy the consultant can treat you he/she will. it is what is known as see and treat there are various ways to treat at the colposcopy they will decide which treatment will suit your case. Im not sure about HPV as i have heard that there is a test to see if HPV is active but im unsure about this as i have not read much about it. Try not to worry too much, i know its difficult not to worry but CC is treatable if caught in time and CIN3 is a good stage to be noticed at and to get treated 

I am sure your consultant will fill you in with all the information needed regarding treatments biopsies etc. There isnt too much you can ask really at this stage they will usually send for smears every 3-6 months depending on severity of your case.

kind regards