CIN3 and pregnant

I am 27 and two weeks ago went for my first smear test ( i should of gone earlier).
I then got a letter advising me that I had severe high grade abnormal cells on my cervix. Once I got my head around that I was waiting till the appointment date and counted back my periods and realised I was late for my period. I did a test and I have now found out I am 6 weeks pregnant. Today I had my appointment at the coloscopy clinic and the doctor had a look at my cervix. He said he is sure it is CIN3 but could not do treatment due to me being pregnant. He didn’t say I need to terminate the baby nor did he say keep it. I did feel the way he was speaking was that the best option would be to terminate. I do want this child but understand my health comes first. Is this something anyone on here has been through?? I have never been so torn in my life. Also could the CIN3 be cancerous and the doctor can’t see as he cant take a biopsy because I am pregnant. Or is another 10 months wait too long to wait as can only do treatment 3 months after giving birth?? Please if anyone had got any information or been in this situation would be really helpful

Thank you :frowning: xxx

I'm no expert at all, but recently was diagnosed with CIN 2 and at colposcopy I told the doctor I had my brother's wedding and a short city break coming up, he told me due to risk of infection and difficulty accessing a doctor overseas, and awkwardness if I was bleeding /got an infection around the time of me being bridesmaid etc, he'd rather I defer the LLETZ treatment.

It worked out as a 2 month gap for me when they checked appointment slots and I was in a flap and saying "I'll be fine, do it now" and he said, off the cuff "Don't worry, I'm not worried, waiting that long is fine. Even if it was CIN 3 if you were pregnant I'd tell you to come back after the baby, a few months is fine". So that's as much as I know, but can only suggest you speak with the doctor again or ask to speak with a colleague of his for a second opinion. 

Thank you for sharing this with me. Yes i have called the hospital again today and asked someone to call me. I wish it was more Black and White. I understand they cant say it is going to get worse or if it does not. I just want some professional medical advise on what they think is the best option for me and then i can make my own decission on what to do with the facts i have.

can CIN3 develop to cancer that rapid? but i do not know how long have had this as it was my first smear.x