Pregnant with CIN


Hoping to seek some reassurance as Im losing my mind over thinking and worrying about my abnormal smear is taking over my pregnancy.


Abnormal smear 'low grade' july 18.

Colposcopy sept 18. Found out i was pregnant the day before my appointment so nurse wouldnt take biopsy.

Nurse said she believed it to be cin1 but possibly some cin2 so to come back in dec.

Went back in dec to be monitored and she said she didnt think it had changed and she still thought it was low grade so to come back in august 19 (3months after baby due to be born). 

I cant stop thinking it will get worse between now and then or that without a biopsy being taken we cant be sure i do actually have cin1/low grade cells?

Anyone had a similar situation? X


I had a similar situation but mine were high grade.  Your immune system isn’t as strong when you are pregnant so you aren’t able to fight it off as well as you would while not pregnant.  I knew of two people with the same situation who ended up being completely fine after pregnancy and their bodies took care of it.  I hope the same happens for you!  Try not to worry as much as possible.  Easier said than done.