scared and pregnant



I had a smear done bout 6 weeks ago and just had the results back saying they found severe dyskaryosis.  Im now just waiting on the appointment to come through for the colposcopy.  But since my smear i have found out im pregnant.  Im 8 weeks from last period.  

Me and my partner were over the moon about falling pregnant but now this has just dawned on me!  Im worried i might have to get rid of the baby :(.

Last august i also lost my mum to lung cancer which spread so quickly.


Just sooooo lost and not sure what to do  

Sorry for your loss. Not sure if this will help but I'm in a similar position 22weeks pregnant now with CIN3. my doctor just brought me in at 20weeks to have a look at my cervix to make sure there hadn't been a big change and then advised Lletz 3 months after baby is born. Try not to worry too much. 

Hi, im currently 35 weeks pregnant, and in same situation as you, found out i was pregnant few days after smear, was terrified really went through the motions thought id have to terminate, i have had 3 colposcopys since being pregnant and everything has stayed the same, i have CIN 3 cells although they havent done a biopsy to confirm this but my consultant is pretty confident i can delay treatment until 3 months after baby is born, they will keep a good eye on you, try not to worry x