Pregnant with CGIN and CIN


I’m not sure if this is right or whether I’m posting here correctly but just wanted to share my story and see if anyone else has gone or going through similar and can offer any support of experiences of theirs. 


Had my 3rd routine smear on 16th April this year. Previous 2 fine.

had results 10.5 weeks later and a colposcopy appointment made as a high grade abnormality was found.

at this point I had found out I was pregnant and 12 weeks.

told colposcopy was safe to do in pregnancy and I then had two biopsy’s taken of white changed cells.

2 weeks later I am here and just found out that it’s CGIN and CIN both high grade. 

Im now 16 weeks and have 3 chn already. Even though I’ve been told it’s not cancer and not malignant or spread I’ve also been told to think of my other 3 children.

this was a consultant on the pregnancy ward and he has now referred me to team of specialists to discuss my case at a multi disciplinary meeting. 

This is next Tuesday and I will then hear of treatment plan. 

He did also say they will probably say to repeat colposcopy in 3 months time and monitor throughout.

as its in the gland I will be sharing that a hysterectomy can be completed once safe arrival of this baby is here and if nothing changes over the next few months. 

Conversations with mw also around early delivery / c section etc.


just so emotionally overwhelmed by all the negatives and mixed messages being given as they’re saying it’s not cancer and then said it can take 10 years to change... 


in 3/4 months I’ll be early/ middle weeks into 30 weeks and much better chance of early delivery. 


sorry ive waffled on but if anyone has any experiences they can share I’d be so grateful.


thank you 

Congratulations on your pregnancy. 

It must be so worrying for you. Hopefully watching and waiting will allow them to monitor you and get the pregnancy to a good point,potentially even 34+ weeks where issues for the baby are dramatic reduced and induction and vaginal delivery possible.

My only experience with CGIN is that it was detected in my lletz along with adenocarcinoma, but early stage (1A1). So even if the worst case scenario occurs it should hopefully be early stage. 

Good luck, I’ve got everything crossed for you xxx