Post radical hysterectomy may 2023

Hi all

I am 5 days post modified radical hysterectomy and have been left with 1 ovary but taken everything else. I am generally an anxious person, specifically around my health, and since coming back home yesterday morning (after only 3 days in hospital) I have been hyper focusing on every little thing for example, fuzzing in face, hot and sweaty feeling around neck, heart beating out of my chest and other things.

Does anyone have any words of reassurance or any ideas for distraction. I’m thinking the hot feelings are due to my ovary being taken away and the change in hormones but the hospital never said anything.

I am also awaiting the results of the biopsy to ensure nothing has spread. I have stage 1a1 so very early but it is a rare type where the cells change in random places and not in one cluster. This is stressing me out too.


I remember those feelings! Every tiny thing I googled and researched and then would move onto the next.

I don’t know if it helps but I think it’s common…. When we are recovering it’s the only thing we have to concentrate on……

I am
Only 8 weeks post op but even in that time I have found as I’m able to do more and concentrate on other things like the kids and work I have forgotten about my body and things are slowly getting back to a kind of norm.

I am a very impatient person so I feel your pain. Time is a great healer x