Emotional after radical hysterectomy this week

I’m actually sitting in my hospital chair at the moment (Sunday evening) after a full radical hysterectomy on Thursday morning, everything including lymph nodes, overies everything etc were removed.
Today, the pain is better, I’m off my strong meds and eating but my gosh, I am so emotional i could literally sit here and cry… its mothers day, although I’ve seen my husband and daughter this afternoon I’m so sad…
I feel so mad with myself, surgery went well, my recovery has and is being as expected but I feel like I’m on a downward spiral… I’m normally such a positive person.

I cannot have any hrt for 6 weeks (because of blood clot jabs) and honestly if this is the start of the hormones i dont know how the hell I’m going to cope for 6 weeks feeling like this … this is on top of the 3xweek wait for the testing on my removed bits and pieces which I’m obviously anxious about.

Surely I’m not alone feeling like this :confused:



Hi, I’m 2.5 weeks post radical hysterectomy. I had a bit of a time in hospital and really wasn’t happy, had a bit of a cry and was a bit mad but felt a lot better once I was home. Pain was much better after a week. I would ask again about the HRT, I was told to start it the Monday after my op (2 x patches a week) and am still on the blood thinning injections. I will admit I haven’t started it and haven’t needed it for symptoms so will be asking if there’s anything else I can do for my heart and bone health as I’d rather avoid the HRT if I can.

My results came in 2 weeks after my op and I was called to arrange my check up/results appointment which is today, however, one of the nurses called me later the same day to give me a heads up, so depending where you are and the policies you might not have to wait the full 3 weeks.

Hi, I’m feeling a shade better today and I’m actually sitting here and dr has confirmed i can go home after my catheter has now been removed and the bladder scan confirmed my bladder was empty !

I know I’ll feel so much better at home and the gyny consultant said earlier I’d be going through my gp for my HRT so maybe their thoughts will be different … fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

Now the wait on pharmacy for my meds … xxx

@Jinxyjuja How are you feeling today?

Hi, thank you so much for checking in on me !!
Actually i have felt a little better the past couple of days, had a few tears Tuesday night randomly for no apparent reason but actually letting them out made me feel better than holding them in…

If I dont hear from my gp by mid next week I’m going to give them a bell to at least start the wheels in motion, particularly as the hospital has already said my hrt will be arranged through them.

Glad you’re feeling a bit better. I think it’s only natural to have a bit of a cry, it’s a big thing to go through without all of the before and after.

I’m at 3 weeks now and getting around the house much better. Still quite tired in the afternoons though. Won’t be long until you’re at 3 weeks and you’ll be wondering when getting up got so much easier

Did you have open or robotic surgery please?

Hi, i had a full open radical hysterectomy, basically removalnof everything and a section of the lymph nodes for testing too …