Post op swelling

Hi Ladies ....

I am now two weeks post op (total hysterectomy + ovaries removed) and wanted to see if anyone had any helpful hints / tips to help reduce swelling.

The majority of the swelling has gone down, but above the scar there is a ridge about 2 cm high and stands out about the same and goes all the way across the full length of the scar.  This is sensitive and still discoloured with bruising (not unusual for me - bruises take foreer to fade .....)  - when I dress it looks like a roll of badly chosen undies !!

So any hints and tips would be great ...



Hi I can't help with the swelling but have used Arnica in the past for bruising, brilliant stuff.

Hope you make a swift recovery.

Sarah x

Hi Tracey

No tips I'm afraid - it was just time with me.  I had a vertical incision and the left side of my scar is still a bit swollen and I am 8 months post op.  Mind, I did have 2 ops there & the consultant said the swelling was down to the 2nd op and could take 2 years to go.

Hopefully you will start seeing an improvement before too long.

Hugs, Cheryl,xx

Hi guys

Thanks for the replies ..... I have tried a change in undies and gone for some support knickers, as they are bigger and sit above the scar and they also even out pressure on the scar area.  Fingers crossed it works .....  I know its a small price to pay, and I take it as a positive that this is annoying me - if I was unwell I wouldnt be as concerned !


Hello  Tracy

The swelling might also be down to removal of lymph nodes in the groin area?  If you've had several of those removed, which they normally do with this type of surgery, then there may be some swelling or puffiness down there.  In my case, I still have  obvious swelling in the pubic area and I had surgery Dec 2012!  Not sure that it will ever go away as it's due to fluid build-up in the tissues as the remaining lymph nodes struggle to drain it away.   I've gone for the shorts type of underwear & big bold patterns, so that it doesn't make it too obvious!  bring on the Bridget Jones'


Hi Tracey,

I had the same.It went after a couple of years,big pants helped.Also got some

herbal water tablets,they were amazing.Blue and yellow box from boots,can't

remember the name.Later on I got an EMS machine to tone my abs,gentle and


Glad you are doing well

Becky x



Thanks for the tips - the last couple of days I have seen the swelling reduce a bit and I have stopped taking the pain releif .....

Think I am being a little bit impatient lol to expect the swelling to be going quicker .... 

I will give the water tablets a go ....  plus I have an appointment on Monday with the surgeon so will ask him as well.....

On the up - only down side is I might have to go back to work !!


Oh god the dreaded WORK word!!!! That is a hard one.Can you get phased return?

I had a real problem going back the first time.In the end I gave it up and went to

work with my husband.Best thing I ever did,opened so many doors for me.

New start and all that.Suppose it depends how much you love your job.

A little bit impatient?Er maybe LOL!But really glad you are of the meds.

How's the menapause symptoms going?Any luck with the accupuncture?

Becky x

The dreaded word indeed !!lol!!  I will be doing a phased return, and will take things a day at a time.   We do have some other plans so its only temporary .....

The meopause symptons are easing - still have the sweats but they are brief and Im coping ok.  I decided to put the accupuncture on hold until I was over the surgery, so will be looking into it in the next few weeks.

Hope you are doing ok.... good news about your scan xxx


Thanks Tracey,yes it is good news.I am alot better now after my rant lol!Xx


Hope you were willing to use Arnica cream, lotion, or gel. I bruise easily now because vitamin C get used up so fast. It works wonders for bruising, swelling, muscle trauma, pain & stiffness. Most people won't be without it once they have used it.

Note: the only bruise Arnica does not work on is a chemo bruise. Even my chemo nurse practitioner agrees.

(I even take the pillules or tablets at times.)

I know from my own and my therapy clients experiences, Arnica works wonders.

Sending good thoughts your way.


Thanks for the tip - I will give it a try  xx