Post op swelling - any advice!?

hi guys,


I am 3 days post op, trachelectomy. I have a lot of gas still in my tummy, a massive dark red patch on my side, hematoma, and tonight I noticed my right Labia is RIDICULOUSLY swollen! It's like someone has replaced it with a sausage! I've emailed my consultant, offering pictures, and I plan to sleep tonight with a pillow under my hips.


Has anyone else had this (please say yes) and any other advice!?


thanks all. 



Hi Gill, 

I had my trach back in January and I remember the post-operative days well! No one told me that I would look down and be like 'dear god, what has happened to my fanny (and the rest)!' 

I didn't have a hematoma but I had the worse bruising of my life all over my stomach (I measured one bruise which came to 25 cm) across the left hand side which, combined with the bruising from the blood thinner injections and the incisions, did not look good or feel at all comfortable! Then I also had a strained pot belly from the tummy gas as well! All was crap on that front and then I realised I had a rock solid groin and (I have no other way to put it) the puffiest fanny I have ever seen.  

All should go down, your body just needs some love and to take some recovery time. Trach is still a major gynae surgery! The swelling will all go down and I found that peppermint tea helped with the stomach gas. Sleeping was the worse as it was so uncomfortable. I kicked my partner into the spare room and I had a fort made of pretty much every pillow in the house! 

My fingers are crossed for a speedy recovery for you! xxxxxxx

Thank you! It's good to hear these things are 'normal'! My labia has calmed down today thankfully!!

Hi Gill

Was wondering when you were due to have your op. 

Dont worry it will calm down. I had the same thing, it was all purple and swollen, never seen anything like it. I also had a lot of swelling for a few days, it gradually went away but I didn't go back down to normal for a few weeks. The bruising for me came a few days after the op.

Hope you are managing to get some rest, food and drink.