Swelling in private parts - please help!

Hi all Me again...I'm freaking out a bit today and would really welcome some advice. It's quite a personal thing, but I hope it's ok to post it on here. I can't get hold of my specialist nurse to speak to her... I've had some swelling in my thighs following my trachelectomy and lymphnode dissection a week ago, but this seems to be getting a bit better. Yesterday, however, I noticed that my private parts (sorry!) were really swollen too. More so on the right hand side, which seems to be almost three times as big as the left. It's really noticeably swollen - especially when I look at it from underneath with a hand mirror. It's really stressing me out. Has anyone else had this problem post surgery? I would have thought the swelling would have subsided by now, but it hasn't. I'm terrified it's going to look like this forever. Really grateful for any advice. Thanks X

Hi there!
Try not to panic… Your op was only a week ago.
I also had swelling in the same place for a few weeks after surgery. I was told it was just my lymph fluid trying to redirect itself… I haven’t got any swelling now

Take care x

Thanks for this...am feeling a bit better now. Just need to learn to wait. There is so much waiting! Thanks again. kat X

Hi Kat

I'm 7 months post op & i still having swelling in the groin, private parts & thigh, my oncology doctor told me it's because of the lymph fluid not draining properly since having my lymph nodes removed, mine to is on the right hand side, slight lymhedema my doctor says, it's early days for you, try not to worry too much, i don't, main thing is we're all still her after what we've been through

Take Care

mandy xx

Hi Kat, I had the same op as you 20 months ago and also had that, on the left side... my inner thigh and the "front" of my private parts... it all calmed down and was back to normal after about 6-8 weeks... loads of things will be happening to your body after the op, it just needs to heal.  big hugs xxxx