Hi I had a radical trachelectomy (Not sure if spelt right) removal of the cervix in Jan 2012 and also removal of the lymph nodes. After my op for about 12 months I has swelling of the pubic area and also swelling of the uper inside thigh right by my lady bits. This took about 12 or more months for me to notice a difference with swelling going down but to this day I am not bk to my usual self. I am more paranoid and conscious of the swelling on the upper thigh on the inside by my lady bits. I have noticed that this gets very swollen after exercising and if ive been on my feet all day. I am due to go abroad in June so the other day I went holiday shoping and brought a few bikinis, after try them on i broke down and felt disgusting. Obv I want to be able to wear a bikini or even a swimsuit but I just feel so upset and its really getting me down. Does anyone else have this problem after surgery? Can anyone offer advice and is there anything that can be done? I did mention to my consultant a few months after my op about the swelling but he didnt really comment or even seem bothered. 

Hi monty i jst wanted to say im also suffering with swelling around my pubic area nd thighs. Ive rngmy macmillan nurse and they are sending me to lymphodema clinic as she seems to think itsthat. Im also oin awy in may and have bought a swimming cossie :( not happy as i like to wear bikinis..hope you get sorted soon ..lea xx

Hi, you should definitely ask to be referred to the lymphoedema clinic to be checked out. If it is lymphoedema then they can help you learn how to manage it.

Yes, it's horrible and upsetting. It feels like cancer sticking two fingers up at you. I have it in my leg, groin and trunk and it sucks. People, trying to be positive , keep telling me that at least I'm alive, and I do appreciate that fact, but it still sucks.  

still, one day at a time. personally, I'm trying to rock maxi skirts or palazzo pants with boots in the winter and maybe Converse bumpers in the summer with long boho dresses.

There are lots of cute 1950s style swim dresses or two pieces with little skirts out there right now. Not the same as a tiny bikini but if it makes you feel less self-conscious then it's got to be a fair place to start. You could go for the vintage pinup girl look, very sexy.

good luck sweetie x

Hello Monty - I'm about 15 months post op (rad. hyst.) and Ive got some swelling  in the pubic area.  I doubt that it will go away at this stage, I just hope it doesn't get any worse.  However, for the past couple of weeks my left thigh is slightly swollen so I'm worried it's going to balloon up too.  I'm sure you know it's due to the removal of lymph nodes.  I hate the sight of it, to top it off I have a 'spare tyre' just above it which I never had before.  The rest of me is slim(ish) therefore I think it stands out,  hideous.  I went on holidays last year after all treatment  ended and I bought 'boy shorts' type of bottoms to try & hide it, but not  plain ones because they only emphasised it, patterned ones kind of hide it.  This year, I'm going away in May and I've bought bikini bottoms with a little skirt to hide it.

I think I might ask to see the lymphedoema nurse, see if it can be improved by massage or something.  You could ask for this through the macmillan nurses if your consultant isn't helpful.



I had a rad trach too. I had very bad swelling about a week after my lymph nodes coming out which lasted for about a week. I couldnt even sit down my lady bits were so swollen so i know exactly what you are going through. It was a real shock for me, painful and embarrassing. I did a massage course so i knew a little about the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system doesnt have a pump to drain fluid and this excess fluid needs to get back to the heart. I slept with my legs and pelvis raised on a pillow (not the most comfortable position!) and I spent 10 to 15 minutes twice a day massaging myself using long strokes going up towards the heart in an attempt to push the excess lymphatic fluid back towards the heart. I'm sure a lymphedoema clinic or nurse will be able to give you much more advise so best to contact them, but maybe try some self massage in the mean time.

I hope this helps, wishing you a speedy recovery and you are not alone x

Just want to say thank u to everyone who has commented and given advice. Some days r better than others but I think im defiantly going to ask to be referred to them. Also I can relate to the spare tyre hanging round my tummy. Luckily I use 2 b slim but since having my op my body shape has changed so much. I feel selfish for moaning about it as im so lucky to be here writing this message. My body just seems out of proportion.  Swollen inside thighs by my lady bits. A miss shaped pubic area. Swollen tummy. Thank u ladies x

Just an update. 2 weeks ago I had swelling on the left side of pubic area. It swelled really bad made me feel alienated and really upset me. My Gp has referred me back to my consultant and I had my appointment today. Dr didnt really seem worried but gave me a good check up and an internal. I have a photo on my phone of a bad day where the swelling inbetween my legs by my lady area ia very swollen. Dr was very shocked as today I have no swelling at all. He is now sending me for an MRI scan and reffering me to see a specialist about the swelling.