Swollen pelvis

Hey guys

hoping someone can help... I am four months post radical trachelectomy. My surgeon told me that he removed all of the lymph nodes in my pelvis. Over the past couple of days I have noticed the right side of my pelvis is swollen and this evening there is a swollen patch at the top of my right thigh. Do you think that this is lymphoedema? Should I contact my specialist nurse, even if it goes down? 

I am currently on holiday, anyone got any tips? I am wondering what has caused it, maybe wearing tight jeans?

i really hope it isn't lymphoedema but can't think what else it can be?


i am grateful for any comments :)



Hi. Sounds like a little lymph swelling to me, this can be particularly troublesome in hot weather! It takes a while for the lymph fluid to re-route itself. Not sure what to try for the best other than loose clothing and resting plenty. Also keep well hydrated in the hot weather. I would contact your hospital when you get back to see if you could see a nurse or physio that specialises in lymphoedema. Xxx

Thank you. Does this mean that I will always have lymphoedema now? I am sure that I read somewhere that once u get it, you always have it? And it flares up now and again? Xx

Hi. I don't think so, as it's still early days and your body is still adjusting. Xxx

You say you are on holiday, did you fly? I have noticed that flying triggers my lymphoedema and wear support stockings when I fly.

Hi Janey, 


I had a trach around 9 months ago and if I lift anything heavy or over due it in sport my pelvis on the left hand side swells. only for a couple of days and the goes down again. That's all I have in regards to swelling so it may just be a one off random thing like mine. When it first happened I had a bit of a freak out, but now i'm use to it I try find the funny side when it happens. 



Also I have recently flown and was worried this might effect it - fortunately for me it didn't but my lymphedemia consultant said to be careful of the wswelling when flying - espesh on long haul flights. 

Hiya I get this too... Am 2.5 years on from a trach and get very slight swelling on the left hand thigh when I fly... If you are 4 months on your body is just adjusting... If it's a little bit and then goes I pron wouldn't worry. For me, yoga and exercise normally does the trick, or a good massage! 

i hope you have a lovely holiday! 

Hey Janey.


Am was going back through some posts in the forum and found yours...


I too was diagnosed stage 1b1 CC this year, aged 25. I have also had a bit of swelling around 9 weeks post op and was wondering how you are getting on with this now?