Swollen thigh and groin


I am 20 months post radical hysterectomy for stage 1b.

All is well apart from the on and off swelling in my right thigh and groin.

In March I went to the GP with it who referred me to the gynae oncology clinic I am under. By the time I went to that appointment there was no/little swelling. They did a usual internal examination. I mentioned lymphoedema and I was told it isn't lymphoedema and they made a regular appointment to see me in 4 months (which I have since been to, with no swelling at the time of the appointment, so forgot to mention it). I am now on 6 monthly appointments.

The swelling comes and goes. At its worse it aches and slight pain in my groin.

I'm concerned it is the beginning of lymphoedema, not sure how to go about getting help as sometimes the swelling isn't there.

Any advice?

Thank you.


Hi Gertie,

I used to have a totally unrelated now-you-see-me-now-you-don't issue. I would make an appointment to see my GP and by the time the appointment came around, no symptoms. So I told my doctor all about it anyway, without any symptoms to look at, and then next time I got the symptoms, and couldn't get a walk-in-off-the-street appointment with my doctor, went to the A&E department at the nearest hospital that still actually had one (poor lovely NHS). I asked the A&E doctors to examine me and report back to my GP. et voila!

Good luck


My Macmillan nurse referred me. Do you have one you could speak to? I had only slight swelling at the top of my thighs and in my pubic area. Sometimes it just felt hot and heavy, not really much to see. To be honest if it is so slight there is not a lot to be done. I have been shown how to self massage which helps move fluid around and reduce severe swelling, and I have been given some industrial strength pull ups which I can barely get on and off without help and were quite painful to wear. if you want reassurance persevere with your gp and maybe keep a record of when it appears, see if there s a pattern, eg after exercise or if you have been imobile.


Hi gertie,

I'm 10 months post op radical hysterectomy & I have exactly the same proble, I'm still on 3 monthly check-ups, my oncologist said the swelling in my groin was scar tissue & the swelling from the pelvic lymph node removal, they said it could get worse or it could get better, mine really aches on a night when I go to bed

Mandy xx

Hi Gertie

I am 1 year on from surgery today! I still get these, they say that it doesn't look like anything suspicious, even had MRI, I have issues with varicose veins too though, so my legs confuse me about the lymphoedema issue. I'm in Ireland & it isn't dealt with much here at all! Hope you get some more answers!



Thanks ladies. All helpful comments. I spoke to my Macmillan nurse and got a referral to the lymphoedema team. Had a good appointment and learned lots. However 'swollen bumpy' nodes were felt in my groin - I had pointed out my concern. The lymphoedema nurse felt that an immediate referal back to my consultant was needed to get this issue checked out. So I self referred today as she said that would be the quickest route. Pretty worried.

Hi gertie! How did you get on with your swelling? X

Hope you are getting some help with it!


I’m 4yr post op radical hysterectomy for 1b1 cc & I still have problems with my groin.  I have an 8mm swollen lymph node  which my Oncologist knows about. However the ache in my thighs is constant to the point where I literally hoy up