Advice re swollen post op belly please!

Hi all, some advice please!

today my belly and front of groin area have swelled up and feel slightly numb but slightly uncomfortable too. I haven't got full sensation there and is all very strange. I am able to wee but it doesn't feel normal. Has anyone else been like this? I had lymph nodes out so this is most prob the reason. I was gonna ask my consultant tomorrow but my meeting has been cancelled until next week so back to waiting... all of this has meant I have had my first post op meltdown today and feel very sorry for myself... Was told I would get results back tomorrow of histology and had geared myself up for it. Any hoo...

also, before leaving hospital, physio gave me leaflet re Lymphedema and told me about moisturising legs daily. Can anyone please recommend one that they like? Also, has anyone got lymphodema? How did they first spot it? How long after op? Is it obviously different to the post op swelling? Has anyone's post op swelling got worse over the week after their op, like mine has?

finally, a bath. How long after op can you have a bath? It's one of my fave things to do... I've ordered Epsom salts already, as was recommended by others!

just no fun at the mo. It's all a bit too real. Just feeling sorry for myself, I'll get over it! Lol


dons x

Oh Dons, so sorry to read this and hope someone replies with some good advice soon.  I'm reading all your stuff in readiness for my own post op experience. 

I had a meltdown too today - rang the consultants secretary to see if there was any news of my dates yet and the answer was still 'no'.  Apparently he has to apply for theatre time through 'admissions' and nothing had come back yet.  She said she would e-mail him to follow it up.  Keep getting my hopes raised with a date but nothing happens.

Really hope your swelling goes down soon, it must be so uncomfortable.  And how awful that your meeting has been cancelled till next week; no wonder you feel like you do.  I hope the next week goes super quick for you as I know you will really be wanting to hear those results.

Sending you lots of hugs.



Thank u matey.

i appreciate how lucky I have been with the speed everything has happened and know me waiting a week to find out results makes absolutely no difference, just feeling sorry for myself as feel so minging... Hope someone has had similar probs and advice!!

hope u hear something soon, really do... Xxx

Hi Dons
I had a seriously swollen belly after my hysterectomy, it’s very normal. It would go up and down throughout the day, was definitely worse when I’d been doing a lot and at the end of the day. My carried on swelling randomly for several months afterwards. Even now 8 months later it occasionally does (tho that could be me eating too much and blaming the op!). So hang in there, it does get better!
Re the lymphodema I’ve been lucky so far, I just keep an eye on my legs and make sure I stay active.
And re the bath, sorry I’m a shower person so can’t help with that :slight_smile:
Life does get back to normal pretty quickly, tho I found normal now is a little bit different to before. But it’s just as good, if not better!
Take care
Ali x

Ps my groin area was also very numb for ages, think it’s due to nerve damage during the op. Most of that has come back now tho the top of my right leg is still a bit dead! X

hi Cheryl

first off congrats on completion of your surgery and i'm sorry that you're suffering with a swollen belly.

i am 7 weeks post surgery and even now i cannot wear anything unless it is stretchy, i've been living in those bodycon dresses very very comfy.

if you are still unsure i would contact your gynae ward? mine were very nice and i had to call them a couple of times post surgery with questions.

as to a bath, i think you have to wait to around 6 weeks, at my results meeting which was 3 weeks post sugery my consultant said i could jump in and out (didn't see the value in that as the whole point of a bath is to have a long soak). anyway i've was just cleared for swimming so that would be the same as a bath right.

i too am suffering numbness (present tense) but i seem to remember this after my c-section so am expecting this to last anything upto a year.

hope this is useful.


Poor YOU!!!!

Hope you feel better soon! Its been only a week since your operation, most females say it takes at least two to start seeing some positive changes xxx

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Hey there,


I'm 6 months after mine and I still have to wear maternity jeans. I am seeing it go down a bit but not much. The whole area was numb at first but a lot of feeling has returned now


For a bath I waited 6 weeks, as surface healing takes that long and you don't want to risk infection.


you're still very early days so try not to panic too much!



Hello! :slight_smile:
Glad to hear you’re on the path to recovery!
I didn’t have the same op as you but I’m still get a little bit of swelling now … Approx 12 weeks post op. My consultant said this is quite normal. It comes and goes depending on what I’m doing.

Also you’re only 1 week post op, give it chance :slight_smile: my belly felt huge the first couple of weeks!

I also have a numb patch on my top right thigh and inside of my groin on the left. This is quite normal too… Nerve damage and can get better in time. Although I hardly notice it :slight_smile:

In regards to lymphedema my consultant or nurse never even mentioned it to me!! I’ve only read from here… I am a bugger and don’t moisturise and still shave my legs… I’ve just been told to keep watch on cuts, knocks and insect bites… Make sure they don’t get infected. I’m due to go on holiday in November and will be popping to my GP for back up antibiotics as I get eaten alive my Mosquitos! Ha

I hope this helps a little!
Take care xx

Hello. I'm 4 weeks post op and my tummy goes up and down. I heard they puff you up with gas during the op and it takes a while to settle down. I had lymph nodes removed and was told to watch for lymphodema. If your legs swell or feel very heavy I think that's a sign but changing position and slowly moving about more will help. I'm using palmers cocoa butter to moisturise but I think anything will do.... Still shaving my legs!!!!  I think phoning your gynae ward if you are worried is good advice, I have spoken to mine a few times for reassurances. Take it easy and treat yourself, you deserve it. You are now on your road to recovery. X


did i miss something here, have been shaving my legs since my surgery - shouldn't i be doing that?

Hi Dons,

I had a bath about 3 weeks after my surgery (keyhole). Epsom salts are amazing! My consultant said it was fine to have a bath once my stitches had disolved but I guess this advice is different to some of the other girls, so best check with your nurse.  You are inflated with gas during surgery so some of the swelling will be from that plus bruising etc as your insides have been cut and jiggled about. I'm 12 weeks post op and still get a bit a swelling on my tummy which is really annoying.  With regards to lymphodema, you need to check whether your ankles or legs start to swell. If they do then you should get them checked out by your doc ASAP as lymphodema is easier to control if caught early.  Moisturising is recommended if you actually get lymphodema to avoid cellulitis.  Though it won't do any harm now to moisturise your legs to stimulate lymph flow. You should also be wearing your TED socks at this stage in your recovery. With any swelling it's always best to get it checked out as everyone is different. I hope you are recovering well and taking it easy. Take care, Tess xxx 


Hi Dons, hope you starting to feel a bit better, was thinking of you yesterday - poor thing xxx

Dear All, what sort of compression stocking or tights are you wearing? Also could anybody recommend any safer hair removal ways than shaving as I usually tend to cut myself but equally cannon imagine going all natural... :)




Thank u all, this is just why I love this site!! 

I really appreciate all the advice. Looks like horrid bellyis here to stay then?... its the terrible gas I get from late after oon onwards and the pain trying to poo... urghjust had a bad few days. Not wanted visitors as the gas is rather embarressing...

Pat- I was toldin hospital no shaving with normal razor and to a oid walking round with nothing on my feet to avoid cuts etc. Also to moisturise my legs daily to get to know how they feel so can tell if any different at any time.

Like jelena, can I ask Bout compression stuff? Still wearing the green socks. How long do I need towear them?  Does anyone advise compression pants etc?

Thanks all


Does everyone else have problems writinv on this we site, especially editing what written? Oris it just my ipad and samsung phone arent very compatible? Hence so many little mistakes all the time...I

I had to wear my socks for 6 weeks post op.... Being the middle of July and all the lovely weather we had it was a complete nightmare and I couldn't wait to get them off!! I have never been told not to shave, or avoid certain shoes. I've just carried on with what I always did. My consultant didn't even really mention lymphedema to me!! ... I just make sure I check my legs after I shower :) Hope you're ok :) x

when i went back to see my consultant at 3 weeks, he and the sister said that i could leave the socks off if i was moving about but to keep them on if i was sitting for long periods of time or when sleeping, so that's what i did for the next 3 weeks.


he didn't mention lymphodema to me either.

I wore my socks for about 2 weeks, was told I could lose them once I was pretty active again and by that point I was doing daily walks. I was told to be careful shaving after surgery but that was more because I was doing the anti clotting injections. Have been shaving legs as normal since then, couldn’t possibly see the consultant with hairy legs :slight_smile:

Hi all, 18 months post surgery my tummy still swells, consultant told me it can take 2 years. Abdo / pelviis still very painful. Legs like lead and hurt walking difficult. Worse is the fatique even now. Anyone else have these probs?


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