Post op hysterectomy

Hi I’m 10 days post op from a radical hysterectomy, and my stomach feels like it’s been a punch bag, it’s quite large and swollen, and the skin is tight. I’ve looked online but it only gives info about how you feel within a day or so of op and not the whole recovery process. I just wondered if anyone could share their recovery with me and if this was a normal feeling 10 days on. Thank you

Hi, I’m 6 weeks on now and still have some swelling, put some of my normal sized leggings on today and regretted it an hour later. I went for my 2 week app and was completely exhausted from getting out of the car and to the waiting room, but week by week since have noticed big improvements. Take it slowly, rest, sleep and don’t push yourself. If there is anything concerning you speak to your GP or nurse specialists, they really don’t mind. Hope you feel some improvement soon

Thank you for sharing, I haven’t heard when my 2 week appt is yet hopefully soon and will mention it then. Having plenty of rest and trying to walk a little but as you say it’s very tiring. Take care xx

Hi @Dewdrop_90 i had my surgery the same day as alwaystheweekend and am very similar to her now!
I just had my 6 week follow up and was very reassured that the long slow recovery is normal, I honestly thought at this point I’d be back in my skinny jeans rushing around :joy:
For me it feels like (and I did have a very invasive procedure if you read my story) that I have only felt like I’m starting to properly recover the last week or so, I can definitely move alot better and the swelling is going, I had a lot of numbness in my hip and stomach and I can feel that going now.
Basically as I was told today, this is a big operation and you’re better to take the time to put your feet up and let your body recover then rush! X

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Hi gizzy

Thank you for sharing, Im glad you’re starting to feel better, I wasn’t expecting to be so immobile to be honest, I know it’s a big op and it’s a very large cut across my stomach, I just imagined I would be ( other than lifting) doing everyday things. I have a 1 year old so I’m finding it difficult not being able to be the one doing everything with him like I usually would. I kinda feel a bit useless at the moment. I’m also getting the numbness on my stomach and below the cut, I’m glad to hear it sounds a normal thing. Resting as much as possible. Take care I hope everything goes well with your recovery. X

Hi @Dewdrop_90 you’re welcome, it’s so difficult isn’t it, questioning everything! I was seriously worried the other week that I wasn’t healing quickly enough, the numbness, the weird feeling inside when you get up etc no one tells you about it all!!
I also understand having a little one, I have a 3 year old and this is the second time I have been unable to care for him myself and although my husband is wonderful, it’s really hard isn’t it! But you have to think that they probably won’t remember this time and the more you focus on resting the quicker you will be back to looking after them yourself xx

you’re right they’re is lots that you’re not told. Bless ya, that’s horrid for you, but yes you are right they won’t remember this, thankfully. x

@Dewdrop_90 How are you now?

Hi, thank you for asking. I’m generally moving about a bit more but also still resting lots as I get tired quickly, not as swollen but still have pains around my cut in certain positions, like getting in and out of bed or sitting upright. I’m still waiting for my results which is quite nerve wrecking. And I’m not having a 2 week post op appointment apparently, the nurse rang me to say they haven’t had my results on my 2 weeks mark and I asked about it she said it wasn’t necessary unless I had an infection which is a bit disappointing I would rather have a appointment just to put my mind at ease, I will be 3weeks post op on Wednesday. How are you doing now? X

Oh bless you, the waiting is awful, especially when you’re starting to feel better and not focusing so much on the pain. I’m doing ok, still having some pain on and off and my incision can get a bit sore at times. Will keep my fingers crossed your results come in soon, they’ll likely only give you a few days notice when they do. They got mine on a Thursday and called and booked me for the Monday clinic but one of the specialist nurses called later the same day to tell me the result rather than making me wait xx

Bless ya, I hope you don’t have the pains for too much longer! I’m glad they didn’t make you wait, the specialist nurses are really good. Thank you, I will update when I know anything :crossed_fingers:xx

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Hi, I just thought I would post to say I’ve had my results and everything came back clear nothing else was cancerous so I don’t need any more treatment! I’m so relieved. Xx


@Dewdrop_90 thats great news, really glad to hear that xx

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How are you doing now? I’m new to the site and 8 weeks post radical hysterectomy.

Hi, I’m doing much better now, I’m 4 weeks post op, still having numbness in my pubic and stomach area and still swollen, but I’m able to move about much better, still get quite tired though, so I do a task then sit and rest. Still getting some twinges but come along way in 4 weeks. How are you doing? Xx

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Im good, still constipated! think everyone is bored of hearing about that now lol.

I have increased my working days to 3 and its a good distraction and if anything helping physically too. I am not as tired.

Still finding the scar area quite tender.

Hows everyone doing?