Swelling belly

Hi ladies

just after a bit of advice really.

I had a hysterectomy plus tubes and ovary removal on the 17th oct and feel I have recovered fairly well. Not really getting fatigued and wound healing nicely. My only issue is my swollen belly, it is right above my wound and looks like a porch!! Area is still numb and feels sore. How long is this likely to last? I wasn't really given post op info regarding exercise other than the usual don't lift/vacuum etc. I'm up and about and trying to do a bit of housework, mainly dusting, folding the washing etc so don't know if I'm doing too much. I've been out for walks although it has been mainly round the shops

Just wondered if anyone had any tips or advice

Hope everyone is keeping well

love Anne xxx

Hi Anne,

Glad you are doing well.The belly does go down evetually,but

it's perfectly normal.You have lots of healing still left to do.Early

day's.Took a good year for my belly to stop swelling.Although it

can also be a sign you are doing too much.Remember all the stitches

you can't see ;-)

Take care

Becky x

Hi Becky 

it does seem to be worse now than immediately after surgery. You are probably right about doing too much as didn't do a lot when I came home but have been more active in this last week. (Other half went back to work so having to fend for myself) when ur belly waa swollen in the early days was it sore too? Skin feels really sensitive to touch

Thanks for replying 

love anne xx


I had a very unusual thing happen to me! The day after I came home from hospital I swelled up like a balloon. With no exaggeration I looked 9 months pregnant. I was readmitted and they had to drain off lots of serous fluid that had collected after the op. Some swelling is normal but massive swelling isn't! If you are worried go to A and E. x


For the record my belly is still numb 9 months post op!

Hi Anne,

It's a long time ago but I do remember walking round with my hand under

my belly,felt like it was going to drop down.It was tender for a good few months

I could'nt wear jeans or anything tight.

Been able to wear my jeans is a barometer for me to know how things are doing

down there LOL!!

Like 365days say's if you are worried ask your GP or CNS to have a little look,just

to put your mind at rest.

Becky x


ita not massive but a little bigger than before. I do to know whether I have overdone it or the fact the swelling under the wound has gone down so maybe making the swelling above look worse. Either way, it needs to bugger off! U can only wear tracky bottoms for so long lol


Hi Anne

I had the same op at the beginning of June.   I still have the "porch"  or a "sausage" sitting above the scar and its very sensitive to touch.  For me the numbness went about a month after the op, and as the feeling returned,  there were lots of twinges etc as the nerves started to heal.   

Having a check up tomorrow so will let you know if I get any more advice xx

Thank you everyone , your feed back is much appreciated. Doesnt look too bad if I look side on in a mirror but it feels huge!! 

anne xx

Thank you everyone , your feed back is much appreciated. Doesnt look too bad if I look side on in a mirror but it feels huge!! 

anne xx

Hi all,

I always had the flattest of bellies and I cried and cried and cried when I saw what had become of it. Three years down the road and it's no longer a monster, I can wear jeans now but that probably took 18 months (?) and I will even allow the scar to show in public at times. I bought a load of harem pants which disguise it quite well but having had an incision right through the abdominal muscle, it's never going to be exactly how it was before.

Sorry to say that :-(


Jealous of your flat belly Tivoli! Long time sice I've had one so god knows what it'll be like in a fortnight's time!

Hope you're taking it easy, Anne!

molly xxxxx

Hi Molly 

well trying to at least, not so easy with kids about! It really is a strange thing, it's between my belly button and my scar and looks like a 'porch' hanging over the top. I've never had a totally flat stomach but it's very jelly like lol. Wish they gave u a list of things that will happen post surgery so u don't have to bloody google everything!

how's ur surgery prep going?

Love anne xx

Prep now mainly sorting house and childrens birthdays/Christmas before I am incapacitated! I have a very unrealistic to do list! Xxx