Sore & Complications Post Hysterectomy

Hello Everyone,

i had a radical hysterectomy on friday 14th march and returned home 48 hours ago. i think i am coping ok but a small complication arose which caused injury to one of my other organs by my womb and i am having to return in 6 weeks for an x-ray and then for another operdation after this.
I have only ever had one operation in my life and this one has really taken it out of me. I am hobbling, sore and can't even do anything! I am a fit person, running and swimming and generally very busy in life and it is frustrating me seeing everyone move so easily around me. Is this quite normal and how long will it take for me to be more 'flexible'?

Another thing really bothering me is my HUGE swollen belly haha! I am a size 8-10 usually.... and i have woken with a large/front sided bulge and this seems to be going down daily - no one really has mentioned the massive swelling in great detail but can anyone tell me how long it might take for this to go - whether its wind or is it me? i might have to go shopping as nothing fits me at all and am wearing my partners sloggy clothes!


I feel overall quite positive and don't want to hear that i might have to have further treatment, my ovaries have been left and my complication needs to be seen to in about 2 months which i am scared about. I went to sleep knowing i was having 1 procedure and 6.5 hours later woke up have 2 major surgical procedures. I suppose i haven't really asked any questions but if there is anyone who can shed any light about uncomfy swelling and looking twice as big that would be great.


i know I can speak up here as we are all in this same old boat - we are going to get there together!

Thank you xcx

Hi sorry to hear youv had complications. I had my op back in nov, im still sufferin with the swelly belly. From the back i look fine lol. Ive started swimming within the last 3weeks trying to get my fitess levels backup. My advice will be dont rush your reovery, take things slowly after all youve had major surgery. I pulled my stomach doing housewok 2 weeks after my op and was on strong painreliefit also put my recovery back. Did you have it done laproscopicly?  I wish u well in your recovery..

Lea x

Thank you for your response. i can imagine that it would be a couple of months until the swelling really goes, I just don't think i am used to the swelling and hoping that it really does go down before I put any of my bikinis near me again!


I had abdominal surgery - open and have a nice war wound to be proud of - I keep giggling at silly things my family are doing around me and it really hurts but I can't help but laugh sometimes. My next op will be key hole and i am hoping for less of the ballooning. I am not allowed to lift a finger - I have had to demand privacy for a shower haha...

Can i ask you what LVSI is, and what treatmeant have you had since? xcx

Hello.  If you have had lymph nodes removed, then there may be swelling that will not go away, especially in the pubic area.  It is always more swollen just after surgery but this should go down in time.  This is the case for me and I'm afraid my bikini days are gone!  However, if we have good results from our surgeries, then a new body shape will just have to be tolerated!


I had mine done key hole which i feel made my recovery quicker. LVSI is where the tumor has started evading the tiny blood capilleries…i had 25 radiotherapy after as an extra precaution as im deemed hugh risk for recourrance xx


I had the abdominal rad hyst too…it did take me quite a whole for the swelling to go down. Keep your feet up as much as you can when sitting, that will take the pressure off. I lived in leggings for a while! It does go down though as you get active. Having some supportive knickers or yoga pants with a band round the tummy helped too.

Good luck with the recovery, remember it’s really early days so be kind to yourself and don’t push it too much just yet.


It is early days yet and you have to listen to your body.

I had a complication after my hysterectomy where my belly filled with serrous fluid and it leaked out of my wound and was eventually drained out of me in A and E. I really did look 9 months pregnant. My tummy is still a little swollen (2 and a half months later)

If your tummy is REALLY swollen I would get it checked out with your GP. Are you weeing ok? The build up of fluid was in part caused by a dodgy bladder as a result of the OP.



Thank you for all of your responses. I think I am being a little impatient as since I posted my tummy had decreased in size-my bowel is likely to be aggravated due to the trauma of injury suffered to it I suppose. I am a lot more mobile and I think this had certainly helped. Bladder is functioning well but I do spend a while doing a wee as I want to be sure I am fully empty. I really hope that my results show clear margins, I should find out next week :o) either way we have been through the worst, it can only get better.


Thank you again everyone xcx