Post LLETZ stuff

Hi all,


Not sure if anyone has any experience of this? Just wondering if I should speak with the docs. Had LLETZ back in June, it was all good. Waited 5 weeks to have sex and that was pretty uneventful (in a good way) but since then I've had a little bleeding after every attempt, no pain though. Have also noticed my periods seem a bit off, as in starting earlier and lasting a bit longer. Not overly worried as really it's only been 8 weeks since the "healing" period was up, and I reckon it probably takes quite a bit longer to go back to normal!


speak to them, you might have a slightly raw patch that they might not have cauterized as well x

If it's any help, my consultant did warn me that my first few periods could be a bit out of whack or different to normal.

I'm with Ruby on the bleeding after sex bit though, probably wise to see your GP. I had sex at 5 weeks as all seemed to be back to normal and have not had any bleeding at all.


I would also like advise re the bleeding after DTD.  We gave in after 3 1/2 weeks as no discharge or bleeding...and then started bleeding immediately.  Supposed to be having my coil re-fitted tomorrow and I'm scared they won't fit it if i'm bleeding like this.  ALso going on holiday in 3 weeks and wondering if it will stop by then.  Can anybody help?  Thank you.

Thanks ladies! I'll give the docs a call. I am fairly certain it's probably just in need of some silver nitrate or something - I hadn't even considered that til now. 

Jenny, also, that is reasonably soon to give it a go, but hey, we all have needs! Is it heavy or just light? Mine's barely there, really just the sort of bleeding you'd get if you pick your nose a bit too frantically (I couldn't think of a less gross example! Sorry), but it has happened the last few times and lasts a day or so. I would really hope you are back to normal in 3 weeks. If you are concerned I'd speak with the doctors. As for the coil, not too sure I'm afraid! Mine stayed in during the procedure. 

Hi Emma,

Yes I was probably a bit too soon...oops.  Thankfuly the bleeding has really slowed down today so thats a relief. I'm trying to get my coil put back in asap so I can ask if it all looks ok up there! Thank you for your reply.

Good luck to everybody on here.