Just to put some ladies minds at rest :)

Hi all.....New to forums and that kind of thing....


Just wanted to shed a positive light on the whole colposcopy/lletz treatment. I've had both. The colposcopy was a little uncomfortable whilst the Dr was taking biopsies.

but I have to say....I was so anxious About the lletz procedure. I'd Googled it and it sounded awful. It lasted all of 5 minutes if that (I had a tiny area removed) I didn't suffer one ounce of pain. I haven't bled or had any of the discharge as others have stated. And 3 days after having it done. I'm completely back to normal. I believe you know your own body. I don't bath anyway and my period isn't due for another 3 weeks but I've not had to use panty liners. I literally wouldn't know id had anything done at all! I have DTD since

 And I know you're advised to wait 4 weeks etc or until bleeding has stopped but as I said iv had no usual symptoms.  Sec wasn't painful. I didn't bleed aftward or anything

So for any ladies that are worried and when googling are only being able to find topics of horror stories I hope this puts your mind at rest :)


It's not so bad for some of us :)

Very glad to hear you've not had any side effects. Be very wary about going against doctors advice about sex etc as the wound needs to heal. I didn't start bleeding until 10 days afterwards and then got an infection so just be careful not to jump straight back in to everything if it's only been 3 days. Xx

When I was offered LLETZ I had a v serious chat with the consultant as to how much I was planning on dancing at my sisters wedding (Which was 10 days away). 


he said day 7-10 is the highest risk of haemorrhage. I was fortunate to be in a situation I could delay my treatment. I had no problems... But certainly seemed to be more symptomatic and bleeding increased around day 7. I don't understand why.. the lletz procedure was all good and I had no problems at all but it's definitely worth taking their advise.. Because the body does need time to recover.

I must say i felt like I had gotten away lightly at the 3 day point with small spotting, I avoided excercise etc at docs advice ...but had feally bad bleeding at 7 to 10 days with mass hysteria on my behalf lol..please be careful x

It's excellent to hear you have had no side effects but I would 

always advise to stay away from inter course like your doctor said

as you can get infection most likely 7-10 days after Lletz.

I don't feel sore down there much at all as far as I am aware I had

lletz under GA for high grade CGIN 6 days ago but have quite a bit of

pinky/yellowy discharge with an unpleasant smell and wouldn't want my 

boyfriend anywhere near down there (even after being together 4.5 years!) 

I don't think there is infection but i am keeping it in mind as it's so easy to get one.

Also regarding strenuous exercise/lifting I can definitely hear my body telling me to let it

heal! I lift heavy things on a regular basis but can tell it won't be good for me at the moment.

take care xx


Yes I'd like to add to the positive comments too....I was scared stiff! had Lletz last wed (12th Aug) and it was nowhere near as bad as I'd expected...and can only describe it as a bit uncomfortable.  Mine was for a smear taken in July (mod-severe dyskaryosis) I'm very scared of the results more than anything.  Discharge hasn't been too bad so far (day 6) though around day 3 ...an awful stink!..was worried others would smell it! but that doesnt seem as bad now. sometimes its a bit of a pink discharge...othertimes slightly light brown/yellowish (sorryy if TMI!...though I've noticed other ladies have had heavier bleeding/infection at day 10 so fingers crossed it won't get any worse!

So i'd like to say too............don't be so worried about the actual procedure....(oh i did take 2 paracetamol and 2 Ibuproven an hour before!!..not sure if this helped! :O)



Please listen to the doctors ladies! I had my lletz on the 20th July, I ended up in a+e on the 31st and lost a litre of blood because of an infection, I've been pretty much bed ridden since because I have no energy! I feel weak and lightheaded most if the time, I had to leave a family meal early the other night because I felt faint, the doctors keep telling me to rest up, I'm also still in pain, it has lessened over the past week but I still need the occasional painkiller, I don't want to scare anyone with my story because everyone's different but please listen to the doctors!

Hi Leanne, ive had this exact problem today, I started bleeding heavily this morning at work and passing large blood clots. It was almost gushing out of me at one point. my parents took me to my GP practice and she referred me straight to gynaecology e,regency dept at my local hospital. They managed to cauterise my cervix to stop the bleeding and I am back home now. 

I feel dreadful and now have light bleeding and some sharp pains in my lower stomach. Have to rest and it if happens again I have to go straight back. 

How long have you rested/not gone to work after your heavy bleed? I've had so much time off work lately and had 5 days off after my lletz last week yet this has still happened :(



Hi bunny girl, sorry you've had to go through that! I was taken to A+E by my sister in law, it was pouring from me while I was checking myself in at the desk and a woman could see what was happening and helped me to a seat (sister in law was parking the car), so glad I had a towel to sit on because it would have been everywhere! I was kept in overnight and told if I had anymore bleeding that I would have to go in for surgery, so keep an eye on your bleeding! I have been in my bed for pretty much 3 weeks, I'm still in pain but I have a feeling that I may have PID, have been seen by docs and nurses and I've had antibiotics for a UTI and the nurse thinks I'm in pain because of me taking ibuprofen. I never even went in with that complaint, anyways, I'm sorry I can't help you because I'm still in my bed, I'm a student and so glad I didn't manage to find a job over the summer! I hope you feel better soon because I know how horrible it is! Hugs xx