7 weeks after Lletz..(newbie!)

Hi everyone!


I was just wondering if anybody had heavy bleeding lasting longer than the 4 weeks stated after getting Lletz treatment. I got Lletz on 15th February and experienced lots of heavy bleeding throughout the following 4 weeks. It trailed off though and stopped by the end of the 4 weeks. After 5 weeks, my boyfriend and I had sex for the first time, no pain or bleeding during, I thought everything was fine. But then started bleeding heavily throughout the night and it hasn't stopped nearly three weeks later. I went to my GP and she said it was probably a vessel that had not healed properly and was damaged during intercourse and would need to start to heal again. She said if it had not stopped after another 4 weeks then it may need to be cauterised.


I'm not really too worried about it but was just wondering if anybody else has had bleeding for this long, and hwo long it has lasted before needing cautery? I'm also amemic so all this bleeding isnt doing me any favours haha!


Any input or advice would be great, I only moved to London 9 months ago and have no friends to talk to about it! :( the boyfriend isnt great either really!





Hello Amelia. I’m sorry to hear you are having difficulties after your lletz. Unfortunately for you I haven’t experienced anything like your situation. However I didn’t want you to feel that no-one cared & hopefully someone on here with more relevant can help. From what I’ve seen to date on here you have definitely come to the right place for support. The ladies on here are inspirational, friendly & ready to offer advice. Hope you soon get this sorted.