Sex after lletz

Hey ladies was just wondering if any of you could give me some advice or put my mind to rest. I had my lletz 3 weeks and 6 days ago. My recovery has been very good only bleed for the first day and then slight discharge nothing heavy for about the first week. I've had none of the black coffee grounds I've seen people says about i thibk he obly took a little area and only from one side of my cervix. Well to get to the point I got a little tipsy last night and ended up dtd with hubby.  It didn't hurt at all however I did have a slight bit of pinky blood on tissue when I wiped after. Today it has stopped and all seems fine. I'm worried as my docter told me to wait at least 4 weeks for sex and I stupidly didn't follow this rule. I'm now worried I have opened myself up to infection. Please any advice I can't stop worring myself now. 

Hi Laura I don't think 1 day is going to make a difference me and husband did the same after my second lletz and I thought I had damaged something but all was well after 1 day so left the sex another couple of days and all was well haha x

Thank you so much for reply have been really worried. Also pretty annoyed got my results today and Said no cin was present at any level and now have been refured to a multi discrepancy meeting. So confused by it all 

Hi Laura don't be annoyed be really happy. The multi discipline team consists of gynaecologists oncologists pathologists radiographers and specialist nurses. They will review all your tests to establish exactly what the situation is so that if you require further monitoring etc this can be arranged. Once again this does sound like positive news x

I’m 3 weeks 2 pays post lletz that turned out to be minor changes.  I had a really bad infection 2 weeks after and am not on antibiotics and the bleeding has almost stopped. I am struggling so so so much with the no sex thing. The lack of intamacy and lack of endorphines is having a crazy mental effect on me.  I’m almost not bleeding now and my 4 weeks post procedure is this Friday.  Can we resume gentle activity then or did the infection put us back to square one.  Can


do other things to relive the tension. (So sorry) xx 

Hey I can understand your frustration I was exactly the same drives me crazy I actually get really down lol . I'm sure you will be fine if infection is all cleared but if your worried other external simulation is fine I did from the 1st week and had not a single problem. X