post lletz query

Hi ladies, this is a bit random and im really sorry if tmi!! I was wondering if near enough black discharge is normal 10 weeks after lletz?!?! I stopped havin any after about 3 weeks after lletz but now have this and got period like pains to go with it :( any advice would be greatly recieved :) xx

Hi nellyboo...You and I had our Lletz at around about the same time, I think. Since mine, I've had a few odd things happening too....I had on and off bleeding, then a few weeks after it had all stopped, I got the black bits and searing period pain with no period (I have mirena coil fitted). Because I have become so paranoid that something is wrong, I have been back to GP twice since I had it and have been given two lots of antibiotics. This week I have started having niggling pains again, but since my gp examined me last week and checked that all is looking fine, I darent go back again! I think they might throw me out for being a hypochondriac. Anyway, I was hoping to just share some of the things that have been happening so that it might make you feel calmer to know that my gp said it will take 6 months for everything to settle. Still, if you are concerned, I would go to your gp just to reassure yourself.

Thank you so much for getting back to me :) bless u. Its rubbish isnt it! But atleast we are better off than we would have been without treatment! I seem to be ok at the mo touch wood! Hope yoy are too. Always here if you ever wanna chat or share concerns hun xx