Post LLETZ infection likelihood?!

Hi ladies,

I'm new here and have a slight complex background as I've been back and forwards working and travelling Australia since my first smear test in November 2017. 

To cut a long story short, I've gone from low grade to moderate and have the LLETZ procedure yesterday. I felt fine afterwards, a little shaky admitedly but who wouldn't be? 

Fast forward to this morning. I could not keep my tears in. Everything was so overwhelming and I was crying every 20 minutes for what felt like nothing. Has anyone else experienced this?

I'm also going back to Australia in 3 weeks time and I am SO worried I'm going to get an infection. I've looked everywhere online and I'm seeing nothing but bad things but what's the chances of infection post LLETZ? Has anyone even had a positive lletz experience? 

Any advice or feedback on their experience would be so much appreciated. Im feeling so alone during all of this :( 


Thank you 

Hi :)

Sorry to hear you're feeling so down. I had my Lletz yesterday too and asked what the likelihood of infection is. Consultant said about 1% come back with infection, so a pretty low chance.

What are your healthcare options when you go back? Can you request a copy of your notes to bring them to a doctor there?

I'm sure you will be fine but as far as I know an infection is treated with antibiotics so you should be able to get prescribed in Oz?

Positive thoughts with you xx

Hi lovely,


Thank you for that. I had a million questions before during and after the procedure but that one seemed to slip my mind. How are you feeling after LLETZ? 

I will have travel insurance so if needs to be I will have to pay upfront then just claim really. Their healthcare system is really good so I'm grateful I already understand how it works there. I didn't ask for a copy of my notes but I'm sure as and when I get my results back that should be enough. 

I hope you're okay xxx