Scared and ill post lletz

Hi everyone!
I’m new here. I am 25 from Staffordshire. I had my first ever cervical screening on 06/01/16. My result came back as severe dysklarosis and I was called for a colposcopy on 20/01/16. While I was having my colposcopy the consultant said I needed to have lletz treatment there and then which wasn’t all too pleasant but I was glad to have the treatment. However, straight after I had to fly to Paris for work and came back last Monday night. On Tuesday morning I woke up with flu like symptoms and by evening my temperature was 39.9c and I was rushed to hospital with suspected sepsis. I am now out of hospital and they now also think I have had a kidney infection.
I am not sure whether any of this has anything to do with the lletz as the consultant at the hospital told me it hasn’t but I have read that it may have??
I’m extremely confused and on top of that I am so scared waiting for my results of the biopsy that was done during my colposcopy. I am 25 and have no children and I am petrified there is a chance I will have problems in one way or another when I want them.
Can anyone offer any advice or help for any of my issues?

Thank you



I didn't want to read and not post anything.

I haven't had lletz I don't know much about it.

I just want to let you know that your not alone xxx

Much love xxxx

This means a lot

Thank you so much!