Post LLETZ treatment experiences?

Hello all 

I recently 2 days ago had LLETZ treatment for CIN3. From smear to treatment only took a few months thankfully. I'm 25, was already aware I carry the HPV virus and this was my first smear.

It seems and I am experiencing that post LLETZ experiences are unpredictable and variable! Yesterday (the day after) I had the day off work booked, I felt ok a little discomfort but able to go around. Back to work today and oh my god. What is happening. 

I am not bleeding terribly - by the sounds of it that is still to come - just more discharge and I can feel some leaking. My abdominal pain has got steadily worse throughout the day along with nausea (Not helped by my IBS which can be severe and make me vomit). It's got to this evening and I was lying on my bed, shaking all over thinking I was going to be sick or pass out. Thankfully this has now passed!

Now I feel like I'm just milking it a bit...has any one else had similar experiences? I'm taking various over the counter painkillers, hot water bottles and (now) resting. I am on the Depo injection and used to suffer with horrific periods and ovarian cysts, so I'd almost forgotten what the pain felt like! But this feels like I'm sitting on a knife. I'm thinking my body might just be in a little shock, like WHOA telling me to slow down. I had to call in work sick tomorrow, thankfully I work with mostly women in a new job who understand.


Any discussion at all or experiences would be great to hear and appreciated!

Take care of yourself all xx



I had my LLETZ this afternoon and have felt a little rough, to be honest. I've had a slight temperature and have felt slightly sick since.

I too have dug out my hot water bottle and have stocked the cupboard with paracetamol. 

just wanted to send some support.

much love <3