Post cervical punch biopsy

hi everyone,


i was wondering if you could give me some advice as i'm at a dead end.  4 weeks ago i went for biopsies and LEETZ (i think that right) for cin3 abnormal cells, that have appeared in 12 months. (hpv diagnosed in jan 2020). because i have the coil they couldnt do the treatment (which is due to be done tomorrow) but did take 2 cervical punch biopsies.


approximately 12 hours after this i was in the worst pain, thinking well, fair enough, i took painkillers hoping it would be better by morning. as i said it was 4 weeks ago and i'm still bed ridden or couch slouching. i can sit down properly for long periods or walk.


after a wekk (as recommended on the leaflet) i sought further advice, i went to a&e where the male dr said he thought it was; ectopic pregnancy, infection or my coil had moved. a pregnancy test came back negative, he couldnt find a speculum to look for an infection or do swabs and couldnt get me in for a scan for the coil, so gave me antibiotics ? as a precaution - i didnt take them.


i visited my gp the next day who did do examinations - no sign or infection at the biopsy site also another pregnancy test and various swabs - all came back clear, but couldnt see the coil. i spent 5 hours in gynae, had an external ultrasound but because my bladder wasnt full i had to have an internal instead, the coil is there and was told it was probably kidney stones ? and it wasnt a gynae issue.


i've been back and forth to the gp in increasing pain, signed off for 4 weeks in total. i had a ct scan last wednesday night and was taken into a&e on thursday, the drs wanted a 2nd opinion to rule out gynae again - because that what it seems to be, but once up in gynae yet again they said it isnt gynae, you dont need more tests, butvwe can give you some anti-inflammatories.


so here i am, like i said at a complete loss, the only way i can describe the feeling is its like im giving birth.  my uterus is constantly spasaming and trying to contract something out when its at its worst.  and i just dont know what to do anymore, im at a loss of being able to self-advocate now.


like i said previously, i have to go tomorrow for treatment which involves, a local, then the coil being removed, the treatment, then the coil putting back in, and im not entirely sure if i should be having it given my current level of pain.


has anyone had anything similar, know of anything, can give me any information to add to my armoury for tomorrow?


thank you for reading.



So, further to the above. I went yesterday to have the LLETZ treatment for cin3 high grade dyskorsia full coverage, no wall penetration.  (I'm not sure ive spelt that right) for the 2nd time. The first time was 15 years ago. Before I went for the treatment we talked about all of the above, and the consultant, said he wanted to remove the coil before doing anything and see how I was, possibly rearranging if the pain was unbearable. He removed the coil and immediately the pain and contractions stopped. Had the gynaecologist on Thursday night done an ultrasound as requested my a&e he would have seen the coil was migrating and it was too low, and the string were digging into my uterus walls. 
so the procedure was done, I now have 2-3cm removed now. I'm awaiting these new results but the fact is had punch biopsies 4 weeks ago, I'm sure they'll be the same. I then have to go back in 6 months for another smear and if it happens again they may look at removing my cervix (or other options. Xx 

Sorry for all that pain, I would suggest have coil removed and not put back until for sure you know what it is .